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As Britex stainless steel troughs are designed for ease of cleaning and added safety, they are commonly found in schools, practical activity education classrooms, hospitals, medical facilities, and other high traffic areas.

Britex also has a range of accessible drinking troughs that are AS1428 compliant and suited to wheelchair access. We also have a range of troughs that conform to the NSW and the SA departments of education standards, making these ideal for use in schools and kindergartens. Britex troughs are renowned for their superior quality and robust design. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these troughs ensure durability and longevity. Ideal for various settings such as schools, parks, or commercial establishments, Britex troughs offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, catering to a wide range of needs.

View our extensive selection of troughs below.

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  1. Refrigerated Accessible Drinking Trough
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  2. SS Refrigerated Accessible Drinking Trough
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  3. Accessible Drinking Trough
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  4. Accessible Hand Wash Trough
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  5. PWD Preplumbed Drinking Trough
    Drink SafeTM
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  6. PWD PrePlumbed Hand Wash Trough
    Wash SafeTM
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  7. PWD Wall Mounted Trough
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  8. Accessible Drinking Trough TP6
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  9. Refrigerated Accessible Drinking Trough
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  10. Practical Activity Trough
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  11. Lockable Wallsend Trough
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  12. Wallsend Trough
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  13. PWD Flat Rim Trough
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  14. Flat Rim Clay & Ablution
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  15. Wall Mounted Clay & Ablution
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  16. Ablution Trough
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  17. Inset Photo Trough
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  18. Multi Knee Operated Trough
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  19. Surgeon's Scrub Trough
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  20. Wudu Foot Wash Trough
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  21. Pattern Trough No.1
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  22. Pattern Trough No.2
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  23. Pattern Trough No.3
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  24. Pattern Trough No.4
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  25. Practical Trough
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  26. Art Trough
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  27. Outdoor Learning Trough Lockable
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  28. Screen Print Trough
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Britex Stainless Steel Troughs

Whether you are looking for drinking troughs, hand wash troughs or sinks, foot wash troughs, practical activity troughs, art troughs, lockable outdoor learning troughs, screen print troughs or surgeon’s scrub troughs, we have a range of options to suit specific project applications.

Our drinking troughs include pre-plumbed water efficient push button drink bubblers with bacteria and sunlight resistant rubber compound mouth pieces, for safety and hygienic purposes.

Britex can supply standard and customised troughs, with or without tapware.

If you need customised stainless steel troughs to suit your project requirements, please contact our team directly today.

What are wash troughs?

Wash troughs are long, narrow communal style basins designed for hand washing, drinking and other specific uses that are designed to have multiple users at the same time. 

These styles of troughs offer a stylish, robust and cost-effective alternative to individual use, particularly in schools. factories or anywhere where multiple users are required to use.  In addition, these styles of sinks provide saving on purchase cost, installation time, space and pipework.

Used extensively in schools, factories and commercial toilet facilities, wash troughs are available from stock or purpose made to suit your requirements.

Types of Troughs

Owing to their enhanced safety features and easy-to-clean surfaces, Britex stainless steel troughs are frequently used in schools, practical activity education classrooms, hospitals, medical facilities, factories, and other high traffic areas. Britex also provides trough options that comply with the standards set by each state departments of education, making them ideal for deployment in schools and kindergartens, and also offers accessible drinking troughs that adhere to AS1428 accessibility standards, catering specifically to wheelchair users. 

It is common nowadays, for hand-washing facilities to be separated from toilet cubicle areas, forming open-plan communal spaces that lead onto corridors, allowing for passive supervision by staff, which improves safety and encourages good behaviour. Such designs are often unisex in nature, and quality hand-washing troughs enable maximum usage with minimal plumbing, saving on space and water.

Here are just some of the many different varieties of troughs that are utilised across different industries…

Refrigerated Accessible Drinking Trough:

A trough designed for accessibility, providing chilled drinking water for users.

Accessible Drinking Trough

An accessible trough that meets AS1428 compliance standards, suitable for wheelchair access.

Pre Plumbed Drinking Trough

A trough with pre-installed plumbing connections, simplifying installation and saving time.

PrePlumbed Hand Wash Trough

A hand wash trough with pre-plumbed features, ensuring easy setup and convenient hand hygiene.

Wall Mounted Trough

A trough designed to be mounted on a wall, saving floor space and offering versatility in placement.

Practical Activity Trough

A trough specifically tailored for practical activity education classrooms, offering durability and easy cleaning.

Lockable Wallsend Trough

A trough with lockable features, providing added security and preventing unauthorised access.

Wallsend Trough

A versatile trough suitable for various environments, including schools, hospitals, and high-traffic areas.

Flat Rim Trough

A trough with a flat rim design, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic while maintaining functionality.

Flat Rim Clay & Ablution

A trough with a flat rim design, specifically intended for clay work and ablution purposes.

Wall Mounted Clay & Ablution

A wall-mounted trough designed for clay work and ablution, maximising space efficiency.

Multi Knee Operated Trough

A trough operated with knee activation, promoting hands-free use and improved hygiene.

Surgeon's Scrub Trough

A specialised trough for surgeon's scrubbing, featuring hygienic design elements and easy maintenance.

Wudu Foot Wash Trough

A trough designed for foot washing in Islamic rituals, incorporating specific features to facilitate the process.

Pattern Trough

A trough featuring decorative patterns, adding aesthetic appeal to various settings while maintaining functionality.

Practical Trough

A trough designed with practicality in mind, suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.

Art Trough

A trough designed for artistic and creative activities, providing a dedicated space for art-related tasks.

Lockable Outdoor Learning Trough

A lockable trough specifically designed for outdoor learning environments, ensuring security and functionality.

Screen Print Trough

A trough designed for screen printing activities, offering a smooth and suitable surface for the process.

Features of Britex’s Troughs

Britex drinking troughs feature pre-plumbed, water-efficient push-button drinksafe leadsafe bubblers. These bubblers are equipped with mouthpieces made from a bacteria and sunlight resistant rubber compound, stainless steel tapware, accessible access (i.e., left/right-handed options), and your choice of bubbler activation type. These designs ensure safety, hygiene, longevity, and convenience - ultimately providing a reliable and clean drinking experience for all users.


Why Choose Britex? 

Durability: Whether you’re fitting an industrial setting or a commercial washroom, you’re ultimately going to need a trough that’s made to last. The robust nature of Britex stainless steel troughs can withstand corrosion, scratching, rust, chipping, and general wear and tear. Products made from stainless steel seldom need replacing.

Stainless Steel is Sustainable: That’s right! Stainless steel is a non-toxic and highly recyclable material that’s designed to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency, which perfectly aligns with the principles of the circular economy. By choosing stainless steel and participating in recycling programs, you contribute to the sustainable management of resources, reducing reliance on virgin materials. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: One of the major advantages of stainless steel troughs is their ease of cleaning and maintenance. The non-porous surface of stainless steel prevents the buildup of grime and makes cleaning a breeze. Unlike porcelain sinks that may require extensive scrubbing and specialised cleaning products, stainless troughs can be effortlessly cleaned with a cloth and warm water. The natural shine of stainless steel gives the trough a clean and sanitary appearance without the need for harsh chemicals like bleach.

A Versatile Range of Products: Britex stock an extensive range of high quality products. Besides our wide range of stainless steel troughs and drinking fountains, we also provide hand basins, urinals, tanks & drainage, benches & shelves, washroom accessories, toilets, ceramics, commercial sinks, showers and baths, and tapware. You can check our our full range by visiting our website here - and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly here. Easy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Australian standards AS1428?

AS1428 refers to a series of Australian Standards that focus on accessibility requirements for buildings and facilities. These standards aim to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access and opportunities in the built environment. AS1428 covers various aspects, including ramps, handrails, doorways, signage, and facilities like toilets and drinking troughs.

How to choose the right trough? 

When selecting a trough, it’s recommended that you consider its intended use, the environment that it’s going to be installed in, and any specific requirements or regulations applicable to this setting. Other factors to consider are the durability of the trough, how easy it is to clean, its water efficiency, and any other specifics that may be relevant to your needs and location. 

What does WaterMark mean in plumbing? 

WaterMark is a certification mark used in Australia to indicate that plumbing and drainage products meet specific requirements set out in the Plumbing Code of Australia. This certification ensures that the products comply with quality, performance, and safety standards. WaterMark certification is necessary for certain plumbing products to be legally installed in Australia.

What does WELS approved mean? 

WELS stands for Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme, which is an Australian water efficiency rating and labelling system. WELS aims to promote water conservation by providing information on the water efficiency of various products, including taps, showers, toilets, and washing machines. WELS-approved products have undergone testing to determine their water efficiency, and purchasing WELS-approved products can help consumers make more informed choices when it comes to conserving water and mitigating environmental impact.