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Washroom Accessories

Britex commits to create products, whether big or small, that are innovative, reliable and of high quality. Our stainless steel washroom accessories are not only durable and vandal resistant, but also hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for a variety of applications and industries. From soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers to grab rails and baby change tables, browse our wide range of bathroom accessories below. 

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  1. Square Liquid Soap Dispenser - ABS Pump Button
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  2. Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser S.S - Standard Nozzle
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  3. Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser S.S. - Standard Nozzle
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  4. Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser S.S - ABS Pump Button
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  5. Contour Soap Dispenser S.S. - Standard Nozzle
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  6. Contour Soap Dispenser S.S. - ABS Pump Button
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  7. Square Liquid Soap Dispenser
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  8. Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser S.S. - ABS Pump Button
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  9. S.S. Recessed Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser with Hinge Door
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  10. S.S. Recessed Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser with Hinge Door
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  11. Automatic Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser
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Britex Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are essential to keep an environment clean and hygienic, especially in washrooms that have high traffic. 

At Britex, we offer a select range of commercial grade soap dispensers that is suitable for various applications, including public amenities, hospitals and medical facilities, offices, schools, and restaurants. 

Our soap dispensers, like many of our bathroom warehouse products, are manufactured from commercial grade 304 stainless steel, and are vandal resistant. They suit liquid soap, and come with concealed fixings.

  • Types

    Types of Soap Dispensers

    We offer a wide range of Soap dispensers, each with its own unique design features and benefits. Our range includes:

    Square Liquid Soap Dispenser

    The Britex Square Liquid Soap Dispenser is the perfect option for many commercial settings. Featuring a satin stainless steel finish, this soap dispenser has a capacity of 1.2L with a lockable hinged lid. It comes with either a standard nozzle or an ABS pump button.

    Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser

    The Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser is similar to the Square Liquid Soap Dispenser, with the only difference in the shape of the dispenser. If the space where you are placing the soap dispenser is tight, this Vertical Liquid Soap Dispenser may suit you better.

    Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser

    This Horizontal Liquid Soap Dispenser features a satin stainless steel finish, and has a 1.2L capacity. It is highly durable and vandal-resistant, able to withstand frequent daily use. It is available with a standard stainless steel nozzle or a black ABS pump button.

    Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Our Automatic Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser is a convenient and hygienic solution for settings where there is a higher risk of cross contamination. This includes hospitals, public amenities, and offices. The infrared sensor is powered by batteries, and it provides 1 drop of about 1 to 1.5ml per activation. This soap dispenser is suitable for selected medical grade soaps.

    Recessed Soap Dispenser with Hinge Door

    The Recessed Soap Dispenser is perfect if you want to fit the dispenser into the wall. It comes with concealed fixings, a satin stainless steel finish, and a stainless steel standard nozzle button. Available in vertical or horizontal options.

    Lav-Basin Soap Dispenser

    The Britex Lav-Basin Soap Dispenser comes with a stainless steel spout, and is made to be mounted through the countertop. It comes in a 475ml or 950ml capacity, with a spout length of 100mm or 150mm.

  • Features

    What to Look for in Soap Dispensers


    It is recommended that you invest in a premium quality soap dispenser instead of going for the cheapest option available in the market. Go for a soap dispenser that is made of quality materials so that it is able to last longer.

    Quality Assurance

    When choosing soap dispensers, find one that comes with Quality Assurance. This provides confidence that the soap dispenser is not defective, meets quality standards, and is able to deliver good long-lasting performance.

  • Applications

    Soap Dispensers for Different Applications


    Bathrooms in retail spaces such as shopping centres will benefit from soap dispensers. Basin mounted soap dispensers and larger capacity dispensers work well for these applications, to limit the need for frequent refills.

    Food & Beverage

    In the food industry, staff and employees need to constantly wash their hands to maintain a hygienic environment. For this reason, a soap dispenser that is quick and convenient will be helpful. Automatic or sensor operated soap dispensers would work well to prevent contamination.


    Medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and any care centres, should have an easy to use soap dispenser in place. An automatic soap dispenser would be a good option to maintain the sanitary environment, and to lower the risk of cross contamination.


    Many offices prefer to install recessed soap dispensers, for several reasons. Firstly, these soap dispensers have a clean and simple look, and can easily fit into any bathroom decor. Besides that, recessed soap dispensers also take up less space, perfect for a compact office bathroom.


    A good way to get children in childcare centres or students in schools into keeping proper hygiene practice is by providing easy to use soap dispensers. Choose sturdy soap dispensers with vandal resistant properties, as these are more durable and able to withstand high wear and tear.

    Parks & Recreation

    Public restrooms in parks or recreational areas require strong and reliable fixtures. Stainless steel soap dispensers are ideal, as these are easy to maintain and clean. Dispensers with anti-vandal features such as concealed fixings and locked lids will be beneficial. 

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