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Hand Basins

Hand Basins

Modern, timeless and versatile, Britex stainless steel washbasins as well as ceramic hand basins are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathrooms or space. 

Whether you need compact basins to fit in small spaces, sturdy wash basins for schools and public areas, or units with multiple basins for commercial applications, we have options that suit all requirements.

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  1. Grandeur Hand Basin
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  2. Accessible Hand Basin
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  3. Single Wash Plane Basin
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  4. Multi Wash Plane Basin
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  5. Bellagio Counter Top Wash Basin
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  6. Accessible Bellagio Basin
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  7. Accessible Bellagio Basin with Integrated Side Shelf
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  8. Oblique Basin
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  9. Venetian Wash Basin
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  10. Omega Basin
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  11. Knee Operated Hand Basin
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  12. Compact Knee Operated Hand Basin
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  13. Multi Knee Operated Basin
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  14. Floating Wand Basin Square
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  15. Floating Wand Basin Round
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  16. Curveline Vanity Multi Basin
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  17. Multi Vanity Inset Basin
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  18. Wall Mounted Hand Basin
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  19. Compact Hand Basin
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  20. Security Pedestal Basin
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  21. Vandal Resistant Corner Basin
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  22. Vandal Resistant Basin
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  23. Oval Security Basin
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  24. Recessed Security Basin
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  25. Wall Mounted Corner Basin
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  26. Round Wall Mounted Hand Basin
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  27. Vanity Inset Basin
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  28. Regal Basin
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Britex Hand Basins

Our hand basins come in a wide range of options, including wall mounted, pedestal, under counter, corner basins, units with multiple integral hand wash basins, units with integrated shelf space, and more. We also have models designed for accessibility as well as security projects, with concealed fixing points and optimal vandal resistance. 

For those looking for stainless steel wash basins with a minimalist design, our Wash Plane Basin range is a fully hand made linear style basin that requires no visible plug or washer.

Britex also offers a Ceramic Hand Basin range that is timelessly modern and versatile. Options include semi pedestal, full pedestal and under counter. 

Our bathroom basins can be made to order and fabricated to custom lengths or stations if required. We also supply a wide range of suitable tapware, including anti-vandal timed flow pillar taps, sensor taps, or low-profile security tapware. 

Types of Bathroom Basins

Our wide range of bathroom basins are versatile and timeless. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, our hand basins are sturdy, reliable and made to meet customer expectations. .

Wall Hung / Mounted Basins

Wall hung hand basins are very similar to floating fixtures. In this case, the basin is fixed to the wall, so that the space below it is free.

Oval Security

The oval security basin is used in prisons and similar places. It is made of stainless steel with an oval bowl and concealed plumbing. It also has a concealed reinforced bar which cannot be removed easily.

Accessible Hand Basin

Our accessible hand basins comply with AS1428 and have a welded seamless construction. The accessible design allows ease of use for both wheelchair as well as able bodied users.

Vandal Resistant Basin

This hand basin is made specifically for an environment which may be susceptible to vandalism. The plumbing is shrouded and concealed within the body. Once installed, it is completely attached to the wall and it becomes hard to remove or damage.

Compact Hand Basin

The compact hand basin, just like its name suggests, is a tiny and compact basin for small spaces. It has rounded corners and is mounted on steel brackets. This design saves space and is ideal for personal or commercial use.

Curveline Vanity Multi Basin

These washroom basins are ideal in a public setting where several people may use the basins at the same time. They are made of stainless steel and have a reinforced body that can prevent vandalism.

Inset Basin

The inset bathroom basins are perfect for benchtops. These basins are made to fit on the countertop. It allows the setting to be minimalist and saves space as well.

Knee Operated Hand Basin

The knee operated basin is used to wash hands without touching the taps, perfect for places that need to maintain high hygiene standards and avoid cross contamination. Common applications include sanitary environments with multiple users, such as hospitals, food handling facilities, or workshops. This basin comes with front push panels that activate the water flow when a person leans on it.

Floating Wand Basin Square

This is a floating basin, which means it is attached to the wall and has a protruding lever or wand for operation. Mainly used in food handling facilities, the tap is activated with this wand to prevent cross-contamination.

Oblique Basin

This modern hand basin is installed on a countertop. It has a square waste outlet and a classic finish. These are designer pieces which can be used at restaurants, hotels and nightclubs along with chic bathroom accessories.

Inset Round Basin

The basin is inset for a benchtop and is round in shape.

Hand Basins with Pedestal

Pedestal basins are shrouded all the way to the ground, and can be trapped through the floor. This keeps all plumbing connections concealed, without needing to penetrate the rear wall.


A semi-recessed basin lies low on the countertop. In such basins, only the front part is viewable and both sides are covered by the countertop.

Undermount Basins

An undermount basin is well hidden and is added to a benchtop. The lower portion is below the benchtop and hidden from view. Only the inner bowl of the basin is visible, almost looking like a sunken basin.

Above Counter Basins

The basin is above the counter and completely visible. The drainage part of the above counter basin is below the benchtop and not visible.

Freestanding Basins

A freestanding basin is attached to the floor. It may look like a basin with a pedestal, but a freestanding one is like a single basin that has an elongated bottom attached to the floor. It doesn’t touch the wall in any way.

Quick tips on cleaning and maintaining washroom basins

Stainless steel hand basins need to be routinely cleaned to maintain its appearance. First, you need to rinse the basin completely to remove soap residue and then use a soft abrasive cleaner. Once cleaned, rinse again in hot water to remove germs and dry completely by wiping down with a dry towel or cloth to prevent water spots. You can also buff up the surface with oil.

Ceramic hand basins require regular care to keep it looking new and clean. To remove surface stains, use a grease cutting liquid detergent and wipe away with a slightly abrasive sponge. Then use a mix of hot water and vinegar in the 3:1 ratio and soak the basin in this solution. This will loosen the build-up. Then scrub with detergent and vinegar water and finally rinse.

Stainless Steel Hand Basins vs Ceramic Hand Basins

Britex has a wide range of stainless steel hand basins as well as ceramic basins. Stainless steel basins are used commonly for commercial applications and kitchens. A steel hand basin is made from a steel sheet that is drawn over a die, and deep hand basins are created by welding. The advantage of a steel sink is that it doesn’t get damaged by cold or hot objects which are common in kitchens. They can also bear impacts from heavy or pointed objects. However, because they are made from thin materials and steel is a metal, they tend to be noisier. These basins are elegant, durable and can be cleaned easily. 

Ceramic bathroom basins are quite popular for domestic applications as well as some commercial projects such as hotels or restaurant bathrooms. They are resistant to cold and hot objects just like stainless steel, but they can be damaged by sharp objects and can be broken by hard impact. They are easy to clean and come in different shapes, sizes and colours.