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Toilet Suites

With so many toilet suites available in the market, it can sometimes be a challenge to choose one that best suits your requirements. Besides factors such as design, style, size and inlet position, water efficiency and comfort should also be considered.

At Britex, we offer a wide range of toilet suites and pans that are ideal for both domestic as well as commercial applications. Almost all our toilet pans are WaterMark and WELS certified, and we also offer accessible toilet suites that comply to AS1428 standards.

There are various types of toilet suites and pans

  • Wall Facing Toilet Suites
    These come as a complete set with the cistern fitted directly on the toilet pan. Wall facing toilet suites are fixed directly against the wall, leaving no space between the wall and the toilet. Without nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach, these toilet suites are easy to clean and maintain. Practical and trendy, wall facing toilet suites are quite a popular choice.
  • Back to Wall Toilet Pans
    If you are looking for a residential or commercial toilet that would be easy to maintain and takes up less space, this is it. With back to wall toilet pans, the cistern is concealed within a wall or furniture while the pan sits on the floor, firmly flush against the wall. Without any supporting frame, this is a good option for those who want the appearance of a tidy toilet with space.
  • Wall Hung Toilet Suites
    Built to hang off the wall with the cistern hidden from view, wall hung toilet suites are elegant and take up the least space. They are suitable for every type of bathroom, especially small ones, and are more water efficient. Not only are they stylish, but they also have no crevices where dust and dirt can hide as only the pan is visible. Wall hung toilet suites are easy to clean and maintain, but they do require structural elements inside the wall that they are mounted on to support them.
  • Accessibility Toilet Suites
    This range of toilet suites are specially designed for people with mobility challenges or those in wheelchairs. These toilet suites should conform to the AS1428 Australian Standard for accessibility.
  • Close-coupled toilet suites
    For a simple, yet classy look, go for close coupled toilet suites. The pipes are concealed within the toilet casings while the cistern which comes as a complete unit, is attached to the pan. This gives off a tall but compact aura, making it fit for small, but long spaces. The integrated unit also ensures that it can be retrofit easily. Moreover, they are water efficient.

Why Businesses should use Stainless Steel Toilet Suites

When you visit a bathroom warehouse for commercial toilet suites, whether to be used in hospitality, security, public amenities, health science, or education applications, stainless steel toilet suites make a good choice. 

Benefits of using stainless steel toilet suites

  • They have a natural visual appeal which, when polished, exhibits an attractive lustrous shine.
  • Stainless steel toilet suites are very easy to clean and maintain, perfect for use in commercial areas with high traffic.
  • Stainless steel toilet suites are eco-friendly. Made from paper fiber and metal, stainless steel toilets are recyclable, which means you do not need to worry about their disposal. Although, they are usually built to last a lifetime, so you may not be disposing much of them any time soon.
  • Corrosion can easily make toilet suites and bathrooms look unclean, ugly and neglected. Britex stainless steel toilets are manufactured with grade 304 stainless steel, which has excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. This also means savings in the long run, as you will not need to replace the fixtures constantly due to corrosion.  
  • Stainless steel toilet suites are durable and sturdy, with high resistance to damage. This makes them ideal for use in environments such as public amenities, schools, sporting clubs, hospitals, or detention facilities.

Benefits of ceramic toilet suites

Besides stainless steel toilets, ceramic toilet suites are the next most popular option for commercial and domestic projects. 

Reasons why you might want to consider ceramic toilet suites

  • Aside from its beautiful and sanitary appearance, ceramics toilet suites are low maintenance, making them a good option for commercial toilets. They can be cleaned with all-purpose cleaning agents and they will still be easily sanitary.
  • Ceramic toilet suites are easy to clean because the surfaces are non-porous. This also ensures high hygiene as viruses and bacteria cannot stick to the surfaces hence their suitability in commercial toilet suites.
  • Ceramic toilet suites are also a more cost-effective and affordable option, due to the lower cost of ceramic production.
  • Ceramic toilet suites are durable and reliable, and do not break or damage easily. They are able to easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, scratches and minor chippings.
  • Ceramics do not corrode and are mostly resistant to discoloration from long use, adding to their durability.

S trap vs P trap

To make the best choices when buying toilet suites, knowledge of the types of traps is necessary. The bend in the toilet suite pipe through which waste products exit is known as the trap. It traps gases and odor from the waste, preventing them from escaping into the surrounding.  S-trap is named after its shape. Its exit channel is at the bottom of the toilet, directly through the floor. The P-trap on the other hand has its outlet at the back of the toilet, through a wall. The S-trap is gradually phasing out to be replaced by the P-trap because the S-trap sometimes allows toxic elements to escape into the building, unlike P-trap.   

Britex offers a wide range of stainless steel as well as ceramic toilet suites and pans. To find one that best fits your requirements, or for custom options, please contact our team directly.

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