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About Stainless Steel

About Stainless Steel

Australia's Finest Stainless: Company Profile

Britex is one of the world's most innovative fabricators of premium quality stainless steel products. The Britex name is internationally recognised and synonymous with specialised stainless solutions.

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About Stainless Steel: The Stainless Advantage

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information on:

  • What is Stainless Steel?
  • Benefits and Characteristics of Stainless Steel.
  • Choosing Stainless: 304 or 316?
  • Stainless and Sustainability
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Cleaning & Maintaining Stainless Steel

The secret to stainless steel's ability to maintain a high quality finish and promises of a long life expectancy is the invisible chromium-oxide film that sits on the surface and protects the steel beneath. To maintain this film it is essential that the surface remains clear and constant contact with oxygen.

  • Suggested Cleaning Materials
  • Suggested Cleaning Solutions
  • Stainless Steel Care & Maintenance
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Tea Staining, Surface Damage & Remedial Work

The brown surface stains that can occure on stainless steel surfaces are in the vast majority of cases cosmetic rust stains knows as 'tea staining' - caused by atmospheric conditions such as salt air.

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information on:

  • What is Tea Staining?
  • Causes of Surface Damage
  • Remedial Work Tips & Suggestions
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Quality & Certifications

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information on our:

  • Quality Management System Accreditation
  • Wels Certifcations
  • Watermark Certifications
  • Disability Compliance: AS1428
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