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Bathroom Warehouse

At Britex, we bring you the widest selection of premium quality commercial grade bathroom supplies and accessories that perfectly blends style, technology and hygiene. Our bathroom warehouse categories comprise state of the art products that comply with international standards of quality and performance. Whether you are looking for aesthetically pleasing bathroom accessories, water saving urinals, easy to clean toilet suites, durable shower and bath fixtures or secure tapware solutions, we’ve got everything for you.

Take a look at our exclusive range of finest quality bathroom warehouse categories that are specially designed and fabricated to meet the unique needs of your commercial applications in Australia

Bathroom Accessories

From high quality soap dispensers to sturdy and long lasting toilet paper dispensers, we have got you covered. At Britex, we bring to you a wide range of premium quality, durable and modern stainless steel bathroom accessories that offer a perfect blend of style and functionality. Our hygienic and aesthetic bathroom accessories can be used across industries for versatile applications. Check out our exciting range of finest quality and stunning washroom accessories to make your commercial bathroom project in Australia an absolute success.


Britex brings you the most versatile range of stainless steel and ceramic hand basins that is specifically designed to suit all kinds of commercial applications, including schools, public areas and other commercial spaces. As one of the leading bathroom warehouse in Melbourne, Britex offers you a wide variety of hand basins that have the ability to transform any space with their modern design and accessibility. We are also able to provide customised basins, specially designed and fabricated according to your required length, space, fixing type, etc. From wall mounted basins, pedestal basins, under the counter basins with sensor taps, corner basins to stainless steel basins with minimalistic designs, we have one to suit your needs.


At Britex, we offer a wide range of highest quality commercial grade stainless steel urinals that can also be customised as per your project needs. Our stainless steel urinals are not just easy to install, but also suit a variety of applications. In our effort to reduce water consumption and promote water efficiency, we also bring to you an exclusive range of models that are able to flush with minimal water and maximum efficiency. Some of our best selling urinal models include Britex Sanistep Urinal, Britex Regency Urinal and Barren Waterless Urinal. Check out our entire range of high end stainless steel urinals. 


Our wide range of toilet suites that are ideally suited for commercial and industrial applications. Our high quality commercial and industrial toilet suites offer a perfect blend of long lasting durability, easy to clean and vandal resistant features, making them just the right choice for application in public amenities as well security projects. What makes our stainless steel toilet suites stand apart in the industry is the fact that they are certified under WaterMark and WELS, delivering the best in class product quality in the industry. Browse our complete range of sturdy and stylish toilet suites. 


As a step towards sustainability and water conservation, Britex brings to you an exclusive range of premium quality stainless steel flushing systems that are specially designed with water efficiency in mind. Our flushing systems not only prioritise the need for water conservation, but also maintain the best hygiene standards. Our stainless steel flushing systems come with easy to maintain and vandal resistant features, making them just the perfect choice to be installed in public amenities, schools or other applications that record a high footfall. 

Hand Basins

When it comes to hand basins for commercial applications, Britex bathroom warehouse has the most extensive premium quality range to choose from. We offer both stainless steel and ceramic hand basins in versatile styles to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Our hand basins not only excel in terms of aesthetics and design, but also leave a mark when it comes to performance, resistance and functionality. So, whether you are looking for modern wall mounted hand basins, timeless pedestal basins, minimalistic basins in stainless steel, or customised multiple basins for commercial applications, we’ve got you covered. 

Tanks and Drainages

At Britex, we are committed to manufacture only the best quality tanks and drainage equipment that promise high end performance and long lasting durability. Our tanks and drainage equipment are made from the finest grade stainless steel, the reason why our bathroom warehouse in Melbourne has come to be synonymous with trust and excellent quality service in all these years. If you are looking for stainless steel tanks and drainages for your hospitality project, medical facility, commercial kitchen or any other commercial application, we’ll help you find optimal solutions. 

Commercial Sinks

We understand the need and importance to build an accessible, hygienic and easy to maintain washing area in any commercial space. Keeping this in mind, we design and manufacture the highest quality stainless steel sinks that not just enhance the aesthetics of a commercial space, but also add to its practical functionality in the best way possible. Our range of commercial sinks is fabricated from top grade stainless steel, so as to handle wear and tear caused by heavy use. If you need customised commercial sinks designed to meet specific application requirements, please contact our team directly. 

Showers and Baths

When it comes to the supply of commercial grade showers and baths in Australia, Britex bathroom warehouse is second to none. We use heavy duty grade stainless steel as well as marine grade stainless steel to fabricate shower and bath fixtures that excel in terms of both style and performance. We can create custom shower and bath solutions that are suited for applications in public amenities including beach fronts, sports complexes, schools, and more. Our stainless steel shower and bath fixtures come with vandal resistant and easy to maintain features, promising long lasting and durable performance for years to come. 


Our ultimate vision at Britex is to come up with sustainable and eco friendly bathroom supplies and products that help us take a step towards conservation of water along with maximising efficiency for users. Our range of innovative and premium quality tapware is a step in the same direction. We offer a range of damage resistant tapware with water saving benefits that make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including schools, public amenities, sports centres, childcare centres, and more. Apart from this, we also offer a range of security tapware that is exclusively created for applications in correctional facilities such as police stations and prisons. Check out our wide variety of excellent quality stainless steel tapware.

Case Studies


How Its Made – Sanistep Urinal

Manufactured from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel, Sanistep urinals are hand fabricated and fully welded with sturdy reinforcement to the rear, providing a sound structural finish. Have a look at how the Britex Sanistep Urinal is made.

Elsa Care Armrest

The convenience of the Britex Elsa Armrest makes it an ideal comfort and safety accessory in future proofing your independent living or assisted living bathroom, whether for temporary requirements or longer term use.

Britex Elsa Arm Rest Installation

The Britex Elsa Armrest is easy to install, with no wall mounting required, and can be easily retrofitted to most toilet pans or suites in the market.

Sustainable Bathroom Designs

Whether its commercial spaces or households, bathrooms make up for a significant percentage of water consumption. Thereby, in our effort to minimize the environmental impact of bathrooms, we are committed to come up with bathroom warehouse products and accessories that contribute to our water conservation efforts.

We strive towards sustainability by integrating innovative features to our products that help provide maximum water savings, such as water saving urinal and toilet flushing mechanisms, low-flush and waterless urinals, 4 to 5 Stars WELS rating and much more.

What makes Britex stand apart from our competitors is the fact that we work with a vision to integrate sustainability with luxury to create a line of exceptional bathroom warehouse products that do not compromise on the comfort of our clients. This is achieved with the use of latest technologies that enables us to enhance user experience, while simultaneously reducing carbon footprint that is to be left behind.

Our range of water saving bathroom warehouse products and bathroom accessories are specially designed to make a difference to the environment, while offering consistent and long lasting performance in commercial setups. We work endlessly to introduce new technologies and water saving products that make it easy for you to do your bit to conserve water without sacrificing on the comfort factor.

Premium Quality Bathroom Supplies

From the materials used in our products, to the workmanship and manufacturing process, Britex is always focused on delivering high quality products and services. You can trust us with premium quality bathroom supplies and bathroom accessories that are undoubtedly one of the best you’ll find in the industry.

Britex stainless steel plumbing products and bathroom supplies are certified by Quality ISO, Watermark, Wels, and AS1428, making us the leader in manufacturing premium quality bathroom supplies. With years of experience in the bathroom warehouse industry, we know what it takes to integrate the best practice procedures that not only comply with Australian standards, but also commit to the cause of environmental sustainability with products that push towards water conservation practices. On the whole, our ultimate mission at Britex is to create the best quality end results that help us build stronger client relationships with each passing year.

  • Quality ISO
  • Wels
  • Watermark
  • AS1428


Britex bathroom warehouse is home to a wide range of premium quality stainless steel fixtures that are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs of different clients. Some of the most common applications of our bathroom suites include: public amenities, hospitality, security, domestic, accessibility, sustainability, health science, education, care and much more.

Our stainless steel bathroom fixtures are engineered for optimal performance in public spaces, allowing them to withstand the wear and tear of high traffic use on a day to day basis. On the whole, our commercial bathroom fixtures not just deliver style, but also offer dependable performance under the toughest conditions.

About Britex

Since its inception in 1938, Britex is committed to designing and fabricating world class stainless steel products, plumbing fixtures, and architectural fittings, making it an industry pioneer. In all these years, our state of the art commercial grade products and services have become synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability.

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we know what it takes to fulfill the specific needs of our clients in the commercial sector, while continuing in our endeavor to offer solutions that are environmentally sustainable. The fact that we work with a holistic approach to comply with the highest standards of quality, makes us the first choice for leading designers, architects and engineers in the industry.

Why Shop with Us?

We offer the finest quality and certified stainless steel fixtures that are exclusively designed and fabricated to meet the unique needs of your commercial project in Melbourne. One of the biggest reasons to choose our versatile range of bathroom warehouse supplies is the fact that we follow stringent quality control and sustainability practices manufacturing our products, thereby ensuring 100% success for your commercial project.

Another benefit of choosing us as your commercial project partner is the versatility of our stainless steel fixtures that cover an extensive range of applications, including hospitality, public amenities, domestic, security, sustainability and much more.

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