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Cylindrical Plaster Trap

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Filters solids from waste water in medical facilities, laboratories and art rooms. Includes removable filter bucket.

  • Description

    The BRITEX Stainless Steel Cylindrical Plaster Trap is ideally suited to Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Facilities and Art Rooms where solid particles need to be removed from waste water prior to entering plumbing infrastructure. Manufactured from commercial grade 304 stainless steel, a removable bucket captures solid particles such as paint, plaster, clay and dirt that settle at the bottom, whilst clean water exits via perforations in the top portion into the bucket. Collected waste is then periodically disposed by removing the settling bucket via the heavy duty grate atop the fixture. The BRITEX Stainless Steel Cylindrical Plaster Trap can be supplied with a top flange detail to suit vinyl or concrete floors or alternatively, if installing above ground, a removable solid lid.

  • Features & Benefits
    • Removable, perforated settling bucket
    • Heavy duty stainless steel
    • Fully welded construction
    • Easy to maintain
    • Models to suit vinyl and concrete floors
    • Above ground unit available (solid lid)
    • Perfect for medical facilities, schools and art rooms
  • Technical Downloads
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    Britex OSCPT AutoCAD*
  • Specifications

    BRITEX grade 304 S.S. Cylindrical Plaster Trap - 330mm dia x 585mm high O/A with removable internal silt bucket, 50mm inlet and 100mm copper outlet. Top flange to suit - Product Code OSCPT-


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  • Options
    • Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel
    • Custom inlet position available
    • Custom sizes
    • Above and below ground models
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