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Our stainless steel toilets are high quality, easy to clean and durable. From vandal resistant fixtures that are ideal for public amenities, care facilities and correctional institutions, to smaller toilet pans that are specially designed as long lasting solutions for childcare and preschool applications, Britex has options to suit various needs. 

Our complete range of stainless steel toilet pans include pedestal pans that are suitable for retro fitting of Vitreous China pans; squat pans designed for facilities catering to multicultural clientele; children’s pans designed for junior users; and accessible toilet pans and suites that conform to Australian Standard for accessibility - AS1428. 

Almost all our toilet pans are WaterMark and WELS certified as required by plumbing regulations and government legislation. 

Please browse our Toilet suites products below or contact Britex for more information.

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Commercial & Industrial Toilet Suites

Some of our models, including the Britex Grandeur Toilet Pan and the Britex Stainless Steel Security Combination Units, are consistently selected for prisons, correctional facilities and other amenities that require optimal vandal resistance. These toilet pans come with features that make it ideal for security projects, such as seamless pressed seat area and contraband-proof flushing rim. 

The Britex Centurion Toilet Pan is made from heavy gauge grade 304 satin stainless steel, while the Britex Stainless Steel Toilet Suite is a robust yet stylish industrial and commerical toilet suite that is perfect for public amenities. 

  • Types

    Different Types of Toilets

    While they ultimately serve the same basic function, not all toilets are the same, nor are they designed for similar locations. While there are a variety of toilets available on the market, the ones garnering the most focus are efficient with their usage of water and accessorised with conveniences for accessible or ambulant users.

    • Back To Wall Toilets
      This is what most would consider a “traditional” type of toilet with its rear (typically with a tank) adjacent to the wall with the water piping internally installed into the wall. The pan protrudes forward with a rounded pan, with a rounded sealed base.
    • Wall Faced Pan
      Rather than the traditional tank backed toilet, the wall faced pan is basically a pan, extended from the wall in a tankless form. It has a rounded, smooth pan opening and comes with or without a toilet seat, one that can be retrofitted after install.
    • Wall Mounted Pan
      Unlike the wall faced pan which is stationed on the floor, the wall mounted pan is a similar, tankless form, but appended directly to a wall. As the area can get messy quickly, not having it attached to the floor is ideal for ease of cleaning for maintenance staff who can easily get underneath the unit.
    • Close Coupled
      This is a traditional ceramic toilet. It is WELS scored and easy to maintain. The design's main feature is a robust rectangular ceramic shape with softly rounded corners that gives it a smooth soft feel that's suitable for domestic and hospitality bathrooms, but not limited to them.
    • Floor Standing/Pedestal
      These are the stainless steel and ceramic variants of the traditional, though tankless (the tank can be separate) which are vandal-resistant and sturdy. These are ideal for installation in high traffic and high-vandalism areas, where quick and easy maintenance is paramount.
    • Ceramic Options
      Apart from stainless steel pieces, Britex also has a wide range of traditional and custom ceramic fixtures that are ideal for domestic and hospitality projects. Britex’s ceramic basins and toilets are designed to be durable, flexible, and modern, and they can be used in almost any bathroom environment.
  • Features

    Features To Look For When Purchasing Toilets

    When shopping for toilets, there are some important attributes and features to consider.

    • Consider the water efficiency labeling and standard (WELS) rating. The scale goes up to 6 stars, but most new homes are required to have at least a 4 (with 5 as recommended). Renovations are permitted to have achieved at least a rating of 3.
    • When purchasing a toilet, many people overlook thinking about the warranty. Much like any other product, not all toilets will be fully functional and flawless. It is important to protect yourself and your investment by researching manufacturer offered warranties. It also shows confidence in the product.
    • The product quality is vital as the toilet is not an insignificant investment. They are not inexpensive and exchanging them because of problems could rack up costs very quickly. The finished products themselves, the supply chain of material, and the manufacturing methods are ways in which the producer of the product assures their customers that they should continue to invest in the brand. It is therefore prudent to assure that the product meets both the Quality ISO and Watermark certifications.
    • Since every country evaluates its toilet standards differently, it is important to consider the suitability of the toilets purchased in the Australian market. That means that any toilets purchased and sold in the country need to meet the proper government-mandated requirements. For instance, public toilets must meet the AS1428 (design for access and mobility) criteria. While imported products are sold in Australia too, they do not all meet the necessary regulation for accessibility by Australian disability standards.
    • Design options should be compatible with the space the toilet is installed in. The product also must not obstruct the opening of any doors, cabinets, or drawers.
    • Depending on the area of use, the product should be considered in terms of its customization. Some applications require particular appendages like backrests and grip bars, while others may be suited with varying materials of backrests.
  • Industries

    Toilets For Various Industries

    Not all toilets are suited for every situation. Britex is the leading provider of toilets that are commonly adopted in security halls, correctional facilities, and prisons. Their sealed design and vandal-proof features that conceal any fixtures internally and recess the flushing units into walls (or have them be automatic) promotes the reduction of tampering that will damage products.

    Public toilet suites need easy-to-clean, maximally hygienic, easy use solutions, and water-efficient solutions, that can stand up to frequent use without showing expedited wear. Toilets with confined spaces in high traffic areas, for instance, may feature the pan and the sink attached to one another.

    Other centers that benefit from Brixet toilet designs include other high traffic areas such as schools, hotels, kitchens, nightclub bathrooms (and other hospitality centers), medical facilities and hospitals, research institutes, and accessibility accommodating locations.

  • FAQs

    What is a WELS rating?

    This rating will be indicative of how much water the toilet uses, with the higher rating directly tied to higher water efficiency. The rating scales are 3, 4, 5, and in top-of-the-line instances, 6.

    Do your toilets have a WELS rating?

    Britex is a global leader in achieving industry-leading water quality ratings, which is the product of our ongoing research and development efforts and dedication to environmental sustainability.

    What is a toilet pan?

    The toilet pan is better known as the bowl connected to the tank (cistern) which refills with whatever for subsequent flushing on top, and a drain pipe that disposes of the contents on the bottom.

    What is a toilet trap?

    A toilet trap, also known as a trapway, is a curving channel that extends from the opening at the bottom of the bowl to the drainpipe within the toilet's base.

    What is the best toilet suitable for the elderly?

    The Britex Accessible toilet suite is an ideal choice for the elderly. It provides a sturdy, convenient pan, with a simple push-button flush. It is height convenient and is typically installed with a polyurethane backrest and side grip bars for better lift.

    What is the best toilet suitable for accessible/ambulant users?

    The Britex Ambulant toilet suite is the optimal choice for accessible and ambulant users as it is fully AS1428 compliant.

    What should you look for when buying a new toilet?

    When buying a new toilet look for WELS and Watermark accreditation for top-notch quality, and evaluate what needs your particular location for toilets required in terms of features and efficiency. To lower your water usage and energy costs, invest in water-efficient toilets from Britex.

    Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

    The Britex toilet seats go perfectly with the brand’s stainless steel toilet pans and toilet suites.

  • Categories

    Toilet Suites For Ambulant / Accessible Users

    Everyone needs the toilet at one point or another, but going to the bathroom can be a frustrating experience for many individuals with disabilities or those who need special accommodations. Toilet suites for ambulant or accessible users provide the specific needs to attempt to provide more comfort for those who face such struggles. This is especially relevant for public or high traffic locations.

    • Security Accessible Toilet Suite With Integrated Backrest
      This is a compact, yet accommodating toilet suite for accessible users, set for correctional facility environments with a robust and tamperproof design. The pan is water-resistant thanks to a pressed internal bowl area with trap shape front edges, is easy to clean, and integrates a backrest and toilet roll-holder.
    • Centurion Accessible Pan
      Manufactured from grade 304 satin stainless steel, this pan strong and simple to maintain. It is water efficient, available with an S and P trap, resistant to blockages, and equipped with both left and right access panels. There are even options for permanently sealed access panels (best in correctional facilities and public amenities), an optional backrest, and a fitted anti-vandal toilet seat
    • Centurion Ambulant Pan
      This pan has the necessary features of an ambulant toilet, as well as a blockage-resistant trap, no ligature points, concealed fixing, sided access panels (optionally they can be permanently sealed), available with both S and P traps. The model is fully AS1428 compliant, as well as WaterMark and WELS certified.
    • Accessible Toilet Suite
      This toilet is perfectly suited for public use areas with fixtures of the highest security aimed at preventing tampering and vandalism while promoting hygienic use and ease of cleaning. This stylish and robust model is wrapped in a double-skinned casing, and equipped with a blockage-resistant trap. Its robust construction makes it AS1428 disability code compliant and comes with a fitted toilet seat and an optional backrest.
    • Ambulant Toilet Suite
      This toilet suite is sold pre-plumbed, with concealed fixings and robust, vandal-resistant construction. It has access panels on both sides and invokes a blockage-resistant trap, making the toilet highly functional and easy to clean. Including the optional fitted toilet seat, this is a great choice for clubs, pubs, and other public amenities.

    Stainless Steel Pans

    • Pedestal Pan
      The pedestal pan is a conventional toilet pan that can be used in high-vandalism areas or institutional environments. Public restrooms, recreation fields, nightclubs, and classrooms are all good candidates.
    • Wall Mounted Pan
      A wall-mounted pan is a reinforced toilet attached directly to a wall, detached from the floor, and manufactured with a stainless steel finish. Its simplistic design makes it easy to clean and promotes high water efficiency.
    • Bariatric Pan
      The Bariatric toilet pan with a seat can support up to 350 kg of weight and is suitable for use in public restrooms, nursing homes, health care facilities, and correctional institutions where standard pans may be inadequate.
    • Centurion Children’s Pan
      The children’s pan has been created especially for youngsters to provide an easy to use and easy-to-maintain toilet solution. This product is suitable for kindergarten, nursery, and preschool utilizations and is designed with a lower pan height for juniors.
    • Squat Pan
      A squat pan is a toileting solution devised for both sanitary and multicultural purposes. The versatile pan can be either installed on a raised platform without touching the floor, allowing for easy cleanup or installed flush to the floor for people who prefer to squat over the pan.
    • Grandeur Pan
      The grandeur pan is the primary choice for places that require the most vandal-resistant solutions, including public locations and correctional facilities. Operating without any damageable add ons or ligature points, utilizing a contraband-proof flushing rim, and efficient bowl design and water dispensing system that is the least likely susceptible to backups.
    • Centurion Pan
      A centurion pan is easily installed via its two accessible side panels but is devised to be resistant to blockages and other constraints that can render them unusable. For that reason, these are commonly used in public restrooms, with the optional toilet seat that can be fitted to the model if it is required.
    • Centurion Accessible & Ambulant Disability Pan
      These are pans specifically devised for usage in environments where users with disabilities or those who make usage of health-related apparatuses (like wheelchairs). These often come with a side shelf to help better support maneuverability and conveniently height-installed at the most accessible levels.

    Toilet Suites

    Toilet suites can span a variety of designs for an array of practical to specific uses. They have varying styles, use, and water efficiency standards.

    • Security Accessible Toilet Suite With Integrated Backrest
      This is a lightweight, vandal-resistant toilet suite with a dual flush cistern shell. The device is contraband and ligature proof thanks to an additional integrated backrest and integrated toilet roll holder.
    • Toilet Suite
      A vandal-resistant toilet pan and dual flush cistern are included in this durable yet fashionable lightweight suite. The pan is highly water-resistant and much less vulnerable to expensive blockages in public restrooms thanks to its pressed internal bowl area and special trap shape. The suite is hygienic, extremely immune to theft, and easy to clean thanks to its class coupling.
    • Accessible Toilet Suite
      The pan is highly water-resistant and much less vulnerable to expensive blockages in public restrooms thanks to its pressed internal bowl area and special trap shape. The suite is hygienic, highly theft-resistant, and easy to clean, making it perfect for public restrooms and other places where high-security fixtures can be implemented while retaining the aesthetics.
    • Ambulant Toilet Suite
      The durable, heavy-duty toilet solution designed with either a Centurion or Grandeur pan is easy to clean, is vandalism-averse, and affords the simplicity of use for ambulant users. The security fixtures are largely internal, so they do not affect the appearance of the product at all.

    Prison Grade Stainless Steel Toilet Suite And Basin Combination

    In facilities such as prisons, an inefficient or vandalization-prone toilet can set up a whole slew of problems when needing users are not able to access the facilities they need. Because vandalism from those seeking to stir up unrest is quite common in such an environment, products designed for use in these situations must be tamper-resistant and efficient to avoid breaking down. On a broader scale, this toilet suite will be used by many people, and those responsible for cleaning it should be able to do so easily.

    • Security Accessible Toilet Suite With Integrated Backrest
      The backrest and the toilet paper holder are built-in as a part of the toilet suite, and unifies the product into a compact, tight sealed-up package, rendering it vandalism and ligature proof.
    • Security Combination Unit
      Focusing on efficiency and security, the security combination unit pairs a ligature-proof toilet and washbasin in a tightly sealed tandem. The positioning, trap type, and angle of the pan depend on the style of the toilet pan (Centurion or Grandeur), but the unit provides two solutions in one, ideal for a compact space such as a correctional facility bathroom.

    Toilet Seats

    Toilet seats serve the purpose of maintaining a level of hygienic usage for bathrooms shared by multiple users as well as provide a surface for sitting on that is more convenient than the harder outer rim of the bowl.

    • Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (also in White and Navy)
      The Britex Closed Front Vandal Resistant Toilet Seats were created to complement our stainless steel pans. The unit is made of heavy-duty plastic and is anti-vandal, simple to disinfect, and suitable for industrial use. When pans are mounted with a backrest, closed front seats are suitable for open and ambulant applications.
    • White Vandal Resistant Open Front Toilet Seat (also comes in Black)
      The Britex seats complement a wide range of stainless steel toilet suites and pans, with each seat design applicable to a particular use. Once the need is specified, the toilet seat comes preinstalled from the Britex manufacturing facility and is appended to the toilet suite it is paired with.
    • Black Economy Toilet Seat With Lid (also comes in White)
      The seat is pre-installed at the Britex toilet pans and provides a closed fronted (as per regulation) curve along with a smoothly attached, stable lid.


    Ambulant and accessible users often need the back support provided by backrests, as well as the incorporated grab rails to help maneuverability in a tight space. For these reasons, many public area toilet suites involve installations of backrests along with pans. Backrests with grab rails are mandated to be installed in public area toilet suites.

    • Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Drop Down Backrest Only (also comes in Polyurethane pad option)
      This backrest and grab rail combination perfectly complement the Britex stainless steel pans and toilet suites. It complies with the necessary regulations, is designed from premium quality metals, houses concealed fixings to make it vandal-resistant and is an ideal installation choice for many high traffic, multi-user bathroom areas.
    • Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Straight Arm Backrest Only (also comes in Polyurethane pad option)
      This premium quality toilet seat can be optionally installed with stainless steel side and rear grab rails. It offers a premium, vandal-resistant, regulation meeting solution with concealed fixings, that perfectly compliments Britex toilet suite products.

    Backrests With Grab Rails

    Many backrests are installed with grab rails as many accessible and ambulant users need to make use of these in order to mount (or dismount) the toilet. A variety of grab rail products is available to match many of the Britex products perfectly.

    • Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Backrest with 40 Degree RHS Grab Rail Set (also available in LHS option)
      The stainless steel backrest and grab rails come equipped with an additional 40” grab rail set to allow for ambulant and accessible users to maneuver themselves more easily around the space. The design complies with all the requirements and is equipped with backrests that are either independent or mechanically joined to either the side rails, adjacent rear, or an adjustable position for more convenience.
    • Polyurethane Backrest With 40 Degree RHS Grab Rail Set (also available in LHS option)
      Along with a mandated adjustable or independent backrest with a polyurethane back pad installed in conjunction with accessible toilets, this toilet is installed with grab rails, but all of the fixings are concealed for a tamper-averse product.
    • Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Backrest with 90 Degree RHS Grab Rail Set (also available in LHS option)
      Premium quality materials comprise this regulation meeting, highly vandal-resistant toilet suite solution. The 90-degree grab rails are an ideal solution for assisting in mounting or dismounting from the pan, are attached to either an independent or adjustable backrest for convenient seating and back support.
    • Polyurethane Backrest With 90 Degree RHS Grab Rail Set (also available in LHS option)
      The stainless steel or polyurethane backplate is paired with left or right stainless steel rear and side grab rails. The polyurethane backrest results in a perfect solution for most Britex accessible toilet pans and suites.
    • Vandal Resistant Stainless Steel Backrest With Combination RHS Rear Rail (also available in LHS option)
      The stainless steel backrests are required to be regulation compliant. To have a more streamlined overall solution, the Britex range of stainless steel backrests comprises both individual backrests and backrests that are physically joined to flexible, adjacent rear and side rails.
    • Polyurethane Backrest With Combination RHS Rear Rail (also available in LHS option)
      This product offers polyurethane backrest options along with grip rails. As always, Britex promotes a vandal-resistant design, concealed fixings, and a curved stainless steel backplate.

    Toilet Buttons / Access Plates

    For flushing solutions, Britex recognizes the importance of both hygiene and water efficiency. The flushing buttons incorporated into the products are made of extremely vandal-resistant, easily maintainable, heavy-duty stainless steel. This is a great solution for high-traffic bathroom areas in public facilities such as schools and nightclubs.

    Britex offers electronic push plates that are wall-mounted, with discreet, low-profile buttons. There are single and dual button varieties on the in-wall cistern, as well as a pull chain. Also available is the Sani Flush Sensor System to automatically flush the pan contents when its usage has been completed, and a hygienic smart flush solution.

    Water efficiency is at the top of Britex’s priorities. Since vandal-proofing is also important, the two are combined for discreet in-wall cistern options, leaving all the fixtures recessed into the wall, as well as a water management level that dispenses only the right amount of water needed for the flush.

    Smart Toilets

    With the world moving quickly toward smart technology, toilets are joining the cause by performing more efficiently, and in greener ways. Smart toilets don’t just save energy and water, they feature flushing sensors, heated seats, self-deodorizer, and LED lights for uses in dimmer environments. Britex offers several smart toilet solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but tamper-resistant and accessible.

    • Smart Saniflush System
      The Smart Saniflush system is the premiere water-saving urinal sensor flushing device. It includes a mains-powered microcontroller which, when used in conjunction with a urinal, only permits flushes after a pre-set time delay or a predetermined number of users (whichever is reached first). This makes it ideal for high traffic urinals that allow for water to be saved rather than engaging the flush every time.
    • Saniflush System
      The Saniflush system is Britex’s solution for common problems associated with urinals. The urinal is equipped with a flushing sensor that is vandal resistant. This allows for automatic, hygienic flushing action where the need for a flush or a wall-based cistern to be eliminated, in exchange for a no-touch, sensor-based process that solves the user-intervention dilemma.
    • Hygiene Clean
      The BRITEX Hygiene Clean system is an automatic, mains-powered, entirely concealed unit that performs a cleaning/flush cycle on a regular basis. Widely used for waterless urinals, it’s attached to the mains water supply which is used to run a daily cleaning regime. The Hygiene Clean protects plumbing system safety, which is essential to the long-term efficacy of waterless urinals, by regularly emitting small volumes of water across the attached plumbing network to help avoid the onset of uric salts, which can corrode pipes and create blockages. The flush volume and frequency can be adjusted.