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Whether you are designing early education facilities or looking for industrial standard urinals for public amenities, Britex offers a wide range of stainless steel & ceramic urinals, with options to suit a variety of applications. The stainless steel urinals are highly durable, resistant to both rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting use. They feature a sleek, modern design that brings a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. The innovative Britex urinals feature touch-free operation, substantially reducing the spread of germs. Constructed with top-grade stainless steel, they resist corrosion, while their vandal-resistant design makes them a stalwart option for public conveniences.

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Britex Stainless Steel Urinals

Easy to install and compatible with assorted Britex flushing systems, our urinals can be made to standard or custom lengths. Among our popular models are the Britex Sanistep Urinal and the Britex Regency Urinal, both of which can be found in many iconic sports and entertainment stadiums in Australia. 

Some models come with our unique weir style sparge, which allows the water to flush evenly across the urinal with minimum water and maximum efficiency. Other unique features include the Britex Waterless waste and periodic flush device or Britex Smart Saniflush Sensor System. 

The Britex Waterless outlet utilises a self-sealing one way diaphragm that allows waste to pass while trapping odours within the plumbing. The Britex Smart Saniflush Sensor System, meanwhile, is a water saving sensor flushing device designed to provide optimal levels of water conservation while upholding a high level of hygiene standards. 

Some urinals are supplied with a Britex Hygiene Clean that periodically activates a cleaning cycle. This ensures the connected plumbing is automatically flushed and the unit itself remains clean for every user. 

Types of Britex Urinals

Sanistep Urinal 

The Sanistep Urinal is available in floor-mounted or recessed models, and is one of the most frequently specified stainless steel hinged grate urinals in Australia. Manufactured from 1.2mm grade 304 stainless steel, these urinals are reinforced and fully welded, and can be manufactured to custom lengths to suit your area. The model has a 5 star WELS rating, and a Level 1 WaterMark certification.

Regency Urinal 

Our Regency urinals can be found in many of Australia's entertainment complexes and sports stadiums. These are manufactured from 304 stainless steel, hand fabricated and fully welded with sturdy reinforcement. The hinged floor grate allows ease of cleaning, and features the unique Britex weir style sparge, which enables the urinal to flush with minimum water and maximum efficiency. The Regency urinal also features the Britex Smart Saniflush Sensor System.

Waterless Urinal 

The Barren Waterless urinal is the epitome of water savings. Ideal for public amenities, this model is available as a fully waterless urinal, urinal with manual flushing, or urinal with auto clean device. Featuring a satin stainless body and mirror stainless bowl, this contemporary looking urinal is robust in construction, highly vandal resistant, and easily retrofitted.

Wall Hung Urinal Trough 

The Britex Wall Hung Urinal Trough is ideal for temporary buildings, ablution blocks and site sheds. Available in both standard and custom sizes, this urinal is easy to install and compatible with multiple Britex flushing systems. It comes with top or rear water inlet, and is WELS and Watermark certified to meet all regulations. 

Wall Hung Urinal Stall 

This stainless steel urinal is robust and economic, perfect for commercial or industrial applications that may be prone to vandalism, including clubs, pubs, and public amenities. It features top water entry to suit wall mounted cisterns, and this one piece design is suitable for areas that require minimal maintenance.

Regal Urinal 

The Britex Regal Urinal is a stainless steel urinal that comes with rear water inlet and optional sensor flush. This high quality, modern looking unit is also available as an Auto Flush model that includes the Smart SaniFlush Sensor System. The Regal Urinal is also ultra vandal resistant, making it suitable for public toilets, night clubs, and sports pavilions.

Esiflow Urinal 

The Esiflow Urinal is an economical and robust budget model, suitable to be installed in front of a sloping step area or graded floor. This model comes with our unique weir style flushing system, and is also compatible with the Britex Smart Saniflush Sensor System. Available in ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped configurations, the Esiflow Urinal can be manufactured to custom lengths.

Watersaving Urinal 

Our Watersaving Urinal is supplied with the unique Britex Waterless waste and periodic flush device. Manufactured in custom lengths, this unit can go up to 1400mm, and is available in modules for joining on site. Its vandal resistant design makes it perfect for public amenities, clubs and schools.

Ceramic Wall Mounted Urinal 

The Ceramic Wall Mounted urinal pod comes in a modern and versatile design, and makes a classic addition to any domestic or commercial bathroom. The unit features a sturdy rectangular ceramic form, complete with gently rounded corners to give it a seamless soft feel. It comes supplied with a back inlet kit, and is suited to a wide range of applications. 

Britex Water Saving Features

Smart Saniflush Sensor System 

The Smart Saniflush Sensor System is a flushing device for Britex urinals that provides optimal levels of water conservation without compromising on hygiene. When paired with a urinal, the microchip activates the flushing action only after a predetermined number of users, or after a specified time delay after use. 

This allows flushing to occur on a semi-regular basis, to conserve water that would otherwise be dispensed after every flush. The Smart Saniflush eliminates the need for a regular cistern and is suited for high traffic urinals. It is compatible with both floor-standing urinals and wall-mounted units.

Waterless Waste 

Britex Waterless systems do not require regular replacement or chemical replenishment to be effective. Instead of costly replaceable cartridges, bio block or sealant fluid, the Britex Waterless outlet utilises a self-sealing, one way diaphragm that traps odours within the sanitary system while allowing waste to pass through.

Hygiene Clean 

The Britex Hygiene Clean system is a fully concealed, automated device for waterless urinals that periodically activates a cleaning or flush cycle. This system emits small amounts of water through the connected plumbing network periodically, to ensure plumbing infrastructure integrity and prevent pipe corrosion and blockages caused by the onset of uric salts. The flush frequencies and volumes are adjustable.