The Middle Park Foreshore Amenities has been designed complete with a range of vandal resistant certified and  compliant Britex Sanitary fixtures which are constantly specified for public amenities and are a popular and reliable option for Council applications.

Stainless steel works and fixtures for the project included:

  • Britex S.S. Vandal Resistant Standard (PC) and Accessible Toilet Pans (PCD)
  • Raised Profile Actuator and In Wall Cistern (FIW-D)
  • Britex S.S. Accessible Hand Basin (HBDA)
  • Britex S.S. Vandal Resistant Grandeur Hand Basin  complete with radiused edge (HBGU)
About the Development

This modest building is sustainable, practical and poetic, embodying shelter and animated with life. The forms of the building were conceived to be experienced from the moving viewpoint of motorists, pedestrians, cyclists etc, its various elements shifting in relation to one another, creating a robust civic convenience of delight, beauty and local pride. The Middle Park Beach Amenities was a signature ESD project for the Council providing a bench mark of efficient design in public amenity buildings.

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