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Flat Rim Clay & Ablution

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Bench mounted double bowl trough used in ceramics and art rooms. Separate bowls for hand washing and cleaning utensils (settling bowl with riser waste). Pre-plumbed tapware is optional.

  • Description

    The BRITEX Stainless Steel Flat Rim Clay & Ablution Trough is multipurpose in design and is commonly found in practical activity education classrooms. One half of the trough is supplied with a raised (standing) waste, ensuring solid matter like clay, plaster and soil settle in the bottom of the trough, whilst clean water drains through the perforated top, thus preventing blockages. The other half of the trough is used for general purpose hand washing. Radius internal bowl corners allow for easy cleaning. Available complete with Tapware and compatible with the BRITEX Plaster and Clay Arrestor (Product Code: OSPC)

  • Features & Benefits
    • Available with or without Tapware
    • Multipurpose, versatile trough
    • Concealed tapware connections
    • Fully welded construction
    • Separate bowls for utensil & hand washing
    • Utensil bowl includes riser waste that prevents solids from entering plumbing
    • Waste outlets & fixing clips supplied
    • Radius internal corners - easy cleaning
    • Optional Plaster & Clay Arrestor (Product Code: OSPC)
  • BIM/Revit
  • Technical Downloads
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    Britex TCAI AutoCAD*
  • Specifications

    BRITEX S.S. Flat Rim Clay & Ablution Trough - 1800L x 445W x 150D O/A. Complete with waste outlets, No. tap holes and radius internal bowl corners. Left hand bowl to incorporate 100mm high standing waste - Product Code TCAI-


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  • Options
    • Available with or without pre-plumbed tapware: See product data sheet or Tapware section
    • Custom tap hole configuration
    • Custom trough dimensions
    • BRITEX Plaster & Clay Arrestor (Code: OSPC)
    • Custom waste sizes
    • Single bowl trough with settling bowl only
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