Britex Stainless Steel Fixtures for Beach Projects

Britex stainless steel products are known to be sturdy, durable and vandal resistant, making them highly suitable for public amenities at beach fronts and public reserves near the coast.

We recently worked with several councils across Australia on installing stainless steel fixtures and accessories at public beaches, including at Kingston Beach, Tasmania, where we installed the Britex Stainless Steel Beach Shower (pictured above).

The Beach Shower comes with interconnecting foot wash columns, towel rails and tamper resistant tapware, with various configurations available. Like our other range of beach products, the Beach Shower is manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, designed with security and coastal elements in mind.

Edithvale Beach Life Saving Club - State-of-the-Art Facility

In Victoria, a new state-of-the-art facility was recently built at Edithvale BLife Saving Clubeach, to allow the Life Saving Club to continue providing its service to more than 22,000 visitors each summer.

Britex Stainless Steel Shower Columns

This project incorporates a number of Britex Stainless Steel Shower Columns, which are available in round or square profiles with single or multiple outlets to suit specific requirements. In this project, Britex supplied three square columns in two heights for adult and junior use, with shower heads, foot washes and safety grab rails on each.

These come with water efficient timed flow, and all tapware connections are concealed and vandal resistant. Foot wash taps are optional, and maintenance can be carried out via access hatches on top of the post or at the side of the post.

Hobson Bay Council - Altona Dog Beach

Over at the Altona Dog Beach, the Hobson Bay Council has upgraded the PA Burns Reserve and 24-hour Altona Dog Beach to make it more user friendly. The works incorporated several plans including distinguished cyclist and pedestrian pathways, multiple lookout points, fencing of off leash dog areas, and designated dog shower/rinse areas.

Britex vandal resistant Stainless Steel Dog Showers

Britex supplied a set of purpose built, custom designed, vandal resistant Stainless Steel Dog Showers, installed at different heights to cater to small and big dogs. These come with integrated safety grab rails, and are manufactured from the marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Britex Accessible Drinking Fountains

Accessible Drinking Fountains with additional Dog Bowls were also supplied, with integrated lead connectors and vandal resistant time flow tapware.

Scarborough Beach Services & Surf Club WA - Britex Stainless Steel vandal resistant fixtures

In Western Australia, the redevelopment of the Scarborough Beach Services & Surf Club WA incorporated a complete range of Britex Stainless Steel vandal resistant fixtures and accessories, commonly recommended for council applications and public amenities.

Britex Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant

The stainless steel products used in this project included Britex Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Standard (PC), Accessible (PCD), and Ambulant (PCAM) Centurion Toilet Pans, paired with Britex Pneumatic In Wall Cisterns (FIW).

Britex also supplied Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Accessible Hand Basins (HBDA) with added Timed Flow Lever Pillar Taps (TW-9103), Stainless Steel Cafe Sink (CAFE) with large double bowls and corrugated drainers, and Stainless Steel Round Shower Columns (BSC), among others.

Besides our standard products, Britex also specialises in the fabrication of top quality, custom stainless steel products for beaches, councils and public amenities. To find out more about how we can work with you on your application and project, please contact our team directly.