The back-to-school period is a bustling period for kids and parents alike. Britex ensures that the products we supply for schools are of the finest quality stainless steel. The products we design for educational settings are developed in compliance with the specification guidelines provided by state education departments. We have built them to be practical, safe, durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to vandalism. You can browse more options here, take a step inside our virtual art room here, or read on to learn more about how Britex stainless steel  products have helped transform numerous Australian schools into clean and efficient facilities. 

The Britex Project

Britex Australia's premier supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel products for commercial building projects. Choosing Britex comes with the additional benefit of professional customization so that your stainless steel products are perfectly aligned with your school's specific needs. Our easy-to-install troughs come pre-plumbed with a diverse range of hand wash and drinking taps, catering to the unique requirements of your students.


The Koss Program - Building Kindergarten on School Sites

Britex KOSS ProgramBritex KOSS Program

The KOSS (Kindergarten on School Sites) program is an initiative that aims to establish hundreds of kindergartens within schools throughout Victoria in the coming ten years. Incorporating kindergartens into existing schools, provides a unified location for offering health and other beneficial services to the wider community. Constructing kindergartens on school grounds presents multiple benefits for Victorian families, including streamlined and more convenient drop-off routines for diverse families and a smoother transition for children advancing from kindergarten to school.

The KOSS initiative works in close accordance with the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), a department that provides standards guides — such as the Building Quality Standards Handbook — to verify that school buildings are safe and functional as well as conducive to modern teaching and learning practices. This ensures adhering to fire safety regulations, providing accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities, and ensuring that structures are built to be safe for all users. 

The KOSS program also ensures that all infrastructure is both durable and user-friendly; for instance, some lever tapware is designed with kindergarten-aged students in mind, as lever tapware offers easy usability owing to a design that requires minimal pressure to turn on. This makes them far easier for kindergarteners (as well as older students and adults) to use rather than traditional taps. Some lever taps also feature a timed flow mechanism to prevent students from accidentally leaving the taps running. This initiative aligns with the KOSS Program, highlighting Britex's commitment to crafting products with young learners in mind 


VR Art Room by Britex

Our newly launched School Art Room offers an immersive experience where you can step into a virtual space. Explore recommended products effortlessly and tailor them to your unique specifications. Britex's VR Art Room revolutionizes the way you design and envision your ideal school art space.

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VR art room by BritexVR art room by Britex

Must-Have Products for Schools

Dado Double Round Drinking Fountain with Hands-Free Bottle Filler

This stylish fixture seamlessly combines a traditional drinking station and an accessible hands-free bottle filler, offering versatility, convenience, and a touch of modern elegance.

Laboratory Bowl

BRITEX Stainless Steel Laboratory Bowls, meticulously crafted for school science rooms. Fabricated with precision from 1.2mm grade 316 acid-resistant stainless steel, these bowls offer durability. Available in standard and custom sizes, they can be inset or undermounted. Ideal for educational environments.

Accessible Drinking Trough

The BRITEX Accessible Drinking Trough, designed for educational settings. AS1428 compliant, it features pre-plumbed Drink Safe™ low-lead water-efficient push-button bubblers with bacteria and sunlight-resistant rubber mouthpieces. Ensuring safety, even if users are bumped while drinking, it's an ideal solution for schools and universities prioritizing accessibility and hygiene.


Other Britex Products 

Britex is proud to present our Drink Safe™ and Wash Safe™ range of products, which are completely devoid of lead. This is in direct response to the negative health effects linked to lead exposure that have led to the subsequent bans and restrictions on the use of lead in products that could lead to its ingestion or absorption of lead. In response, Britex offers Drink Safe™ and Wash Safe™ range is entirely lead free. 

A shining example of this is the Drink Safe™ Vertical Drink Safe™ Lever Action Drink Tap, which comes with an easy to use hand lever, an antibacterial safety rubber mouth guard, and a chrome finish.

90˚ Black Rubber Drink Safe™ Drinking Bubbler Push Button! Crafted with a sleek chrome finish, this bubbler is not just easy to clean but also built to last, ensuring optimal hygiene maintenance and durability It offers flexibility with a choice of Push Button, Cam Action, or Lever Action styles. Our Drink Safe™ plumbing products have the WaterMark certification.

When it comes to handwashing, the Wall Mounted Timed Flow Wash Safe™ comes with a wall mounted push button, a chrome finish, and a timed flow to ensure the prevention of water wastage. 

Britex also supplies a wide range of accessible products, which are all in compliance with the Accessible Buildings Program, an initiative that ensures that educational facilities are adapted for accessibility considerations so that all infrastructure is accessible to all students. 

Accessible Hand Wash Trough, the Wash Safe™ solution designed to meet AS1428 standards. Perfect for schools and community centers, it's easy to install and ensures everyone can use it comfortably.

The Accessible Bellagio Basin is a hand crafted, double-skinned stainless steel sink with a landing that can accommodate various needs, as it can be positioned to the left or right of the basin. Its design features an extended back landing that satisfies AS1428.1 shelf standards, eliminating the need for a separate shelf unit and ensuring compliance, and it’s constructed from durable, heavy gauge commercial-grade stainless steel, ensuring both functionality and sturdiness.

Becoming popular in schools and universities, proactive design choices can significantly enhance the overall inclusivity and functionality of public spaces, going beyond accessible products. The BRITEX Wudu Foot Wash Troughs are tailored specifically for the foot washing process during Wudu, a portion of the Islamic practice necessary before prayers. Crafting a trough to facilitate Wudu rituals requires careful consideration that balances functionality and practicality while maintaining hygiene.⁠

Various other Britex accessible products, that are easy to install and suitable for Schools in Australia including, 


Why Choose Britex Products for School Spaces?

As the back-to-school season approaches, it’s especially important to note the important impact that a quality drinking fountain can make to a student’s learning environment as they enhance their health and well-being. That’s why Britex prides itself on our wide range of Britex stainless steel drinking fountains. You may also wish to check out our selection of hand wash troughs, hand basins, drinking fountains, tapware, commercial sinks, washroom accessories, and much more.

Britex has been manufacturing the highest quality of commercial grade stainless steel products since 1938, and since, many of our world-first product design breakthroughs have subsequently become stainless steel staples in schools, homes and various other institutions around the world.  Feel free to browse the extensive selection of Britex commercial stainless steel products over at our website.



What is the purpose of Stainless Steel drinking fountains in schools?

Stainless Steel drinking fountains in schools serve as a convenient and sustainable way for students to access clean and safe drinking water. The use of stainless steel ensures durability and hygiene, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like schools.

How do Drinking and Hand Washing Troughs encourage healthy habits among students?

Drinking and hand washing troughs in schools promote healthy habits by providing easy access to both drinking water and handwashing facilities. This encourages students to stay hydrated and maintain proper hand hygiene, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Are Stainless Steel Laboratory Bowls easy to clean and maintain?

Yes indeed! Stainless Steel Laboratory Bowls are known for being durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean. They can withstand rigorous cleaning processes and are generally low-maintenance. Nonetheless, a regular clean will ensure hygiene and longevity. 

Can these troughs be easily installed in existing school facilities?

The ease of installation generally depends on the design and specifications of the troughs, but if you care to contact Britex directly and tell us more about your particular requirements, one of our friendly staff members will be able to provide you with some estimates.