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Smart Saniflush Sensor System

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5* WELS. The ultimate water efficient, vandal-proof automatic urinal flusher. Fully concealed and mains-powered. Ideal for pairing with Britex urinals.

  • Description

    The BRITEX Smart SaniFlush Sensor System is the ultimate water saving sensor flushing device for urinals. Incorporating a mains-powered micro controller, the Smart Saniflush leads a new generation of automated flushers that provide optimal levels of water conservation without compromising on hygiene. When paired with a urinal, the microchip activates the flush solenoid only after a predetermined number of users or, after a preset time delay following use; whichever comes first. This means the Smart SaniFlush is especially suited to high traffic urinals where users appear in quick succession, as it won't constantly flush and waste precious water. Fully concealed and vandal-proof, the system can be used for both wall and floor mounted urinals and eliminates the need for a regular cistern.

  • Features & Benefits
    • 5* WELS rating (0.5L per flush)
    • The ultimate water saving urinal flusher
    • WaterMark certified
    • Eliminates the need for regular cistern
    • Microwave sensor penetrates most roof/wall surface materials
    • In-built micro controller for greater water conservation
    • Suitable for all styles of urinal
    • Completely concealed and vandal resistant
    • Adjustable sensing range & flush volume
    • Mains-powered
    • Connects to mains water supply
    • Guarantees urinal is flushed after use
    • Single (FSM1) or Dual (FSM2) solenoid models
  • Technical Downloads
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    Britex FSM Smart Saniflush Sensor System Drawing*
  • Specifications

    BRITEX 'Smart' SaniFlush Sensor System - 5* WELS rating and WaterMark certified. Microwave sensor with micro-controller 'count' operation.  solenoid unit supplied with mains-power pack - Product Code FSM


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  • Options

    Choose from Single (FSM1) or Dual (FSM2) solenoid models

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