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Watersaving Urinal

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5* WELS. Vandal resistant water saving urinal combined with the unique BRITEX Waterless waste and periodic flush device.

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Britex UESI-LF AutoCAD*
Britex UESI-LF Revit 2012*
  • Description

    The BRITEX Watersaving Urinal is a great, vandal resistant water saving fixture that incorporates the unique 'Britex Waterless' outlet requiring no costly replaceable cartridge, bio block or sealant fluid. Instead the 'Britex Waterless' outlet utilises a self-sealing one way diaphragm that allows urine to pass, whilst trapping odours within the plumbing. To assist with the regular maintenance regime, each Watersaving urinal is supplied with a Britex Hygiene Clean that periodically activates a cleaning cycle to ensure the connected plumbing is flushed and the unit itself is kept clean. WaterMark certified as required by plumbing regulations and government legislation.


  • Features & Benefits
    • 5* WELS rating
    • WaterMark certified unique waterless waste outlet
    • Supplied with automated, periodic 'AutoClean' device
    • Manufactured in custom lengths - up to 1400mm max.
    • Available in modules for joining on site
    • Vandal resistant design
    • Removable sparge cover
    • Perfect for schools, clubs and public amenities
  • Specifications

    BRITEX S.S. Watersaving Urinal - mm Long. WaterMark Level 1 certified, supplied complete with Britex Waterless one-way valve outlet and Britex Hygiene Clean device - Product Code UESI-LF


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  • Options
    • Multiple Modules
    • Tile edge for single model
    • Free standing ends (if not between walls)
    • Joining strip for joining modular lengths