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Are you in the midst of retrofitting a restroom in an existing or new building? We know that Stainless Steel Urinals are the ultimate choice when it comes to any application, with its hygienic and durable properties lasting a lifetime. When it comes to installing traditionally large-length urinals, challenges arise, seemingly making this task quite a headache. That’s why BRITEX have come up with a solution to combat these issues!

The Challenges of Installing Large Floor Standing Urinals

When it comes to retrofitting or new buildings, large slab urinals can present a series of hurdles including:

High Transportation Costs:

The size and weight of these urinal slabs can result in expensive transportation costs.

Access Issues:

Getting these large urinals into tight rooms or through existing doorways can be difficult and can possibly cause damage to walls and the urinal.

Expensive On-Site Welding:

Having a continuous slab urinal will require an onsite welder. This not only adds to the project's cost but also requires skilled welders and specialized equipment, which may not always be readily available.

The BRITEX Solution

At BRITEX, we have provided the perfect solution to overcome these obstacles. By providing Butt Jointing for modular lengths. Here is how it works:

What is the Butt Jointing Method?

We supply urinals in shorter modular lengths, allowing for the ‘butt jointing’ method. This technique involves shortening the return wings of the urinals with a small hob, enabling them to be placed seamlessly next to each other.

urinal slab

The Benefits

Cost Savings:

Eliminates the need for on-site welding significantly reducing project costs.

Easier Installation:

With less personnel required for installation and a simplified process, the installation becomes faster and more efficient, with easier access to tighter spaces.


Meeting OH&S, as the urinals are lighter compared to a welded urinal, the installation process becomes safer for workers.

Yarra Glen Racecourse Case Study

outside building of a toilet block in yarra glen

Recently installed at the refurnished Corporate Marquee area at the Yarra Glen Racecourse, our BRITEX Sanistep Urinal was manufactured allowing for the butt jointing method to maximise the space and provide a quick and effective result.

urinal slab

urinal slab

When you specify BRITEX, you’re not just choosing a brand; you're choosing innovative solutions. Get in touch for your next project!