There are quite a number and variety of bathroom products in the market, which makes it hard to choose for your project. However, the two key considerations that should be taken into account are hygiene and aesthetics. 

In this blog, we explain the importance of maintaining good bathroom hygiene and focus on how Britex has incorporated these features in their urinals.


Importance of maintaining good bathroom hygiene

The bathroom attracts dirt, grime, and germs, and it is difficult to keep clean due to the high number and frequency of users. It is for these reasons why bathroom hygiene should be our priority. Most bacteria can live in hot and cold environments, but they do best in warm and damp conditions, resulting in the spread of disease.

Achieve a more hygienic bathroom without compromising on aesthetics

Hygiene and aesthetic bathrooms

A good bathroom design should address both hygiene and aesthetics with the latest technologies and materials. The plumbing industry has developed an innovative suite of products, with each style having its own features and benefits.

Below are some things that you should consider when purchasing urinals for your project.


Preventing odours

It is impossible to eliminate odours and stains even with regular cleaning. Sometimes, urine may drip onto the floor and seep into the grout and concrete. It may adhere to the soles of the users’ shoes and track throughout the bathroom and rest of the building. To combat this issue, you should use Sanistep urinals, which are designed to catch drips and prevent spillage. It will minimise the spread of bacteria and odours.

The Britex Sanistep urinal is manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, and it is resistant to corrosion. Its fully welded, sturdy rear reinforcement ensures a vandal resistant structural finish ideal for stadiums, schools, and social clubs or pubs. This urinal prevents urine drippage, and the hinged grate and unique weir-style sparge collects all liquids maintaining the highest possible level of hygiene.

Flushing power

Typically, urinals flush in one of the three ways - direct mains water flushes, manual activation cisterns, or waterless urinals. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Direct mains water flushes are the most hygienic activation systems. They have a sensor unit, which automatically triggers flushes once someone has approached or walked away from the urinal. 

Vandal resistance

Having vandal resistant urinals in high-traffic environments such as hotels, pubs, or stadiums play a critical role in ensuring peace of mind. Urinals in these locations should be fabricated from heavy-duty and durable materials.  


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most hygienic material that prevents harbouring of bacteria. Urinals manufactured from stainless steel are resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and maintain, reliable and efficient, and known for better aesthetic appearance.

Our Slab Urinals features an easy to clean, bacteria-resistant surface and a contemporary look. The floor-standing configuration allows the base of the urinal to be thoroughly washed with every flush. Additionally, it is designed to catch urine drips, which will help to maintain hygiene and eliminate stains and odours. 

Commercial grade plumbing fixtures

Britex is one of the world’s foremost designers and fabricators of stainless steel products, commercial grade plumbing fixtures, and architectural fittings. We focus on providing our customers with high-performing solutions engineered to last. 

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