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Making sure that our hospitals and healthcare systems have the right equipment is a key part of the work done here at BRITEX.

Read on to learn more about the Britex Stainless Steel Benches and Troughs we supplied to Epworth Eastern Hospital, and why they are so important for providing the best healthcare possible for patients.

About Epworth Eastern Hospital

stainless steel benches and sinks

To the east of Melbourne, Epworth Eastern Hospital provides excellent healthcare services to the community. Caring for all of their patients, the hospital offers a Mandarin-speaking concierge for the local Chinese community and has an incredible eye for detail (even banning lilies on allergen grounds). Amenities, including the Mary's Paddock cafe, ensure that visitors are comfortable and happy when visiting their loved ones. The 14 story multi-faceted redevelopment of the Epworth Eastern Hospital sees the expansion of much needed health care services and facilities to Melbourne’s eastern suburbs as well as hundreds of new parking spaces and a second emergency facility to Box Hill.

In order to keep up with other hospitals in the area, Epworth Eastern recently underwent a significant renovation. That's where Britex's great range of products has played a significant role in supporting the hospital.

What are stainless steel benches and troughs?

Stainless steel workbenches are important pieces of equipment in a range of different environments. They remove the risk of germ permeation offered by materials such as wood in workbench construction and have additional vandalism prevention features that limit damage and ensure that the hospital has no need for a replacement in the short term.

The first major benefit of using stainless steel in troughs is that it's easy to maintain and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to the smooth surface of stainless steel, it's also easy to disinfect and wipe clean. This is vital for limiting disease transmission, which is of paramount importance in a hospital environment.

Why hospitals use stainless steel products

Hospitals use stainless steel products for a range of reasons. The first of these is that stainless steel is a strong and sturdy material, that holds up to a significant level of wear and tear. Hospital sinks and workbenches see a significant amount of use, whether in the kitchen for food preparation or in the operating theatre.

Our durable stainless steel benches will last for years to come, removing the need for regular replacement or temporary solutions which could be unsafe for both patients and staff.

Another benefit, in addition to the excellent longevity of stainless steel, is its ease of cleaning. Due to its smooth, non-absorbent surface, the majority of stains and spillages can be eradicated with a simple spray of disinfectant and a wipe/rinse down.

What products did BRITEX provide?

Britex provided a range of different products to Epworth Eastern Hospital as a part of their large order.

These included:

What else does BRITEX do?

Britex not only provided the benches and troughs for the hospital but also plumbing and installation services, ensuring that they could use the equipment as soon as possible. Without support with the installation of these products, the hospital will have paid an even greater cost for their equipment, leaving a smaller budget for their vital work in caring for patients.

This is where The BRITEX Group’s focus on being a comprehensive service provider is beneficial. At Epworth Eastern Hospital, Britex also acted as the architect for the remodel, ensuring any new equipment was installed into the existing plumbing network seamlessly. This hands-on approach ensured that installation was complete as quickly as possible and the hospital was able to carry on with its all-important work.

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