New Range: Foot Activated Drinking Fountains

Introducing our new BRITEX Foot Activated Drinking Fountains, the latest additions to our range of hands-free solutions.

These drinking fountains allow users to quench their thirst or fill their bottles without having to touch any part of the product with their hands, perfect to prevent cross contamination and maintain high hygiene standards.

BRITEX Stainless Steel Foot Activated Square Drinking Fountain

The BRITEX Stainless Steel Foot Activated Square Drinking Fountain is a free standing fountain manufactured from 1.2mm commercial grade 304 stainless steel, supplied with a heavy duty foot activated bubbler and 40mm waste outlet.

There are two models available: the DSS-H and DSS-H2.

The DSS-H model comes with a drinking bubbler and removable access hatch, while the DSS-H2 model is a twin stainless steel square drinking fountain equipped with a drinking bubbler, glass filler, and removable access hatch. The glass filler is activated by a second foot pedal built into the fountain.

Secured to the ground below with a fixing plate inside the base, these drinking fountains are sturdy, durable and vandal-resistant, making them suitable for public reserves and sporting clubs, as well as factories and offices. They are also ideal for applications where hygiene is a major concern, such as hospitals, medical centres, childcare facilities and schools.

If instant chilled water is required, an optional chilled model with built-in refrigeration unit is available.


  • rade 304 satin stainless steel
  • Heavy duty WaterMark certified bubbler
  • 40mm waste outlet
  • Available in two heights: 750mm or 975mm
  • Optional in-built refrigeration unit
  • Optional WaterMark certified glass filler

BRITEX Hands-Free Hygiene Collection

The BRITEX Foot Activated Drinking Fountains are part of our Hands-Free Hygiene Collection, which includes a wide range of easy to clean, vandal-resistant and hands-free operated stainless steel products, such as:

Multi Knee Operated Trough TMKO

Knee Operated Hand Trough

This is a wash trough pre-plumbed with multiple knee/thigh activated taps, providing hands-free activated washing without electrical power requirements. It is available in custom lengths, with as many wash stations as required.

Knee Wand Hand Basins

These floating wand activated basins come in a round or square profile. Easy to install and supplied pre-plumbed, these basins come with pressure limiting valves, 40mm waste outlets, and a choice of low-level or goose neck type spout.

Sensor Activated Surgeon’s Scrub Trough

Sensor Activated Surgeon’s Scrub Trough

Found in many of Australia’s best hospitals and medical facilities, this Surgeon’s Scrub Trough is designed specifically to suit the requirements of scrub up procedures. It is double skinned with 1.2mm grade 304 or grade 316 acid resisting stainless steel, ensuring optimal hygiene standards.

To view our complete collection of Hands-Free stainless steel products as well as other sensor operated and automatic washroom accessories, please visit our website.

For more information about our new Foot Activated Drinking Fountains or any other hands-free hygiene product range, please contact the Britex team directly.