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90˚ Chrome Plated Drinking Bubbler Cam Action

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High quality range of wall mounted drinking bubblers for use in conjunction with Britex drinking fountains. Push Button/ Cam Action or Lever Action styles.
  • Description
    Drinking Tapware offered by BRITEX has been methodically selected to complement specific stainless steel drinking fixtures within the Britex range. The Drinking Tapware we supply is primarily sourced from Galvin Engineering, one of Australia's most respected manufacturers of commercial tapware. Wall mounted, automatic shut-off drinking taps are supplied with lever, push button or cam activation, and are available with bacteria and sunlight resistant rubber mouthpieces to provide additional safety to users in the event they are bumped whilst drinking. We are proud to offer these premium quality taps in conjunction with our own first class fixtures.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Highly water efficient
    • Auto shut-off to prevent taps being left on
    • Drink taps to suit BRITEX troughs and fountains
    • Available pre-plumbed on BRITEX products
    • WELS and WaterMark certified
  • Technical Downloads
    * Please or Register to view or download below files.
  • Specifications

    Tapware details and code should be included in the specification text for the associated BRITEX fixture. E.g. BRITEX Pre-Plumbed Drinking Trough. 1800mm Long complete with 4 cam action drink bubblers with rubber mouthguards. Product Code: TPWDPD-4-TW-DC90-1800

  • Options
    • TW-DC90M:Cam Action Bubbler 90 Degrees Metal Mouthguard
    • TW-DL90M:Lever Action Bubbler 90 Degrees Metal Mouthguard
    • TW-DP90M:Push Button Bubbler 90 Degrees Metal Mouthguard

    • TW-DC45:Cam Action Bubbler 45 Degrees Black Rubber Mouthguard
    • TW-DL45:Lever Action Bubbler 45 Degrees Black Rubber Mouthguard
    • TW-DP45:Push Button Bubbler 45 Degrees Black Rubber Mouthguard

    • TW-DC90R: Cam Action Bubbler 90 Degrees Blue Rubber Mouthguard
    • TW-DP90R: Push Action Bubbler 90 Degrees Blue Rubber Mouthguard
    • TW-DL90R: Lever Action Bubbler 90 Degrees Blue Rubber Mouthguard
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