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Wall Mounted Sensor Plate

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A wall mounted, sensor operated trip and run hands free tap or wave on/wave off that is installed onto sinks and basins. Available with spout (TW-WMSXXX) or as is (AESW).

  • Description

    The Britex Sensor flow electronic tap is a wall mounted, sensor operated hands free tap that is installed onto sinks & basins. It operates by sensing an object, usually a hand, passing within around 7cm of the front of the sensor unit. It uses a beam of invisible infra red light which, if reflected from an object back to the sensor, will operate the unit.  The wall mounted plastic sensor kit consists of a sensor unit similar  in appearance to a normal power point (11.5cmW x 7.3cmH x2cmD),  a solenoic valve and a plug pack. The stainless steel sensor has the electronics mounted to stainless steel plate most installation problems are caused through damaging the unit at installation time or the selection of an inappropriate installation location, so select the location carefully and take care with the installation.

  • Features & Benefits
    • Allows for Hands Free Use
    • Hygienic
  • Technical Downloads
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  • Specifications

    Britex Wall Mounted Sensor Plate Only - Product Code AESW

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