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Washroom Accessories

Britex commits to create products, whether big or small, that are innovative, reliable and of high quality. Our stainless steel washroom accessories are not only durable and vandal resistant, but also hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for a variety of applications and industries. From soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers to grab rails and baby change tables, browse our wide range of bathroom accessories below. 

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  1. S.S. LHS 30˚ Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  2. S.S. RHS 30˚ Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  3. S.S. LHS 90˚ Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  4. S.S. RHS 90˚ Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  5. S.S. LHS 30˚ Flush Mount Rear Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  6. S.S. RHS 30˚ Flush Mount Rear Wall & Cistern Grab Rail Set
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  7. S.S. LHS 30˚  Flush Mount Wrap Around Grab Rail
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  8. S.S. RHS 30˚  Flush Mount Wrap Around Grab Rail
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  9. S.S. LHS 90° Flush Mount Wrap Around Grab Rail
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  10. S.S. RHS 90° Flush Mount Wrap Around Grab Rail
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  11. 300mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  12. 350mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  13. 400mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  14. 450mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  15. 600mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  16. 750mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  17. 900mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  18. 1000mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  19. 1200mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  20. 1500mm S.S. Grab Rail Straight Concealed
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  21. S.S. 90° Anti-Ligature Right Hand Grab Rail
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  22. S.S. 90° Anti-Ligature Left Hand Grab Rail
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  23. Britex Anti-Ligature Grab Rails
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  24. S.S. 90° Ambulant Grab Rail
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  25. S.S. Accessible Pull Down 32mm Grab Rail
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  26. S.S. T Universal Sliding Shower Grab Rail
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Britex - Grab Rails

Britex stainless steel grab rails are part of our premium quality bathroom fixtures and accessories, designed with safety in mind. Ideal for commercial bathrooms, accessible toilets and secure facilities, our grab rails are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Britex Grab Rails Range

Sturdy, reliable and value for money, our stainless steel grab rails perfectly complement the Britex range of stainless steel plumbing fixtures, and are frequently installed in public amenities, night clubs, sports grounds, health facilities and education projects. 

Here are some of the toilet grab rails that we stock in our bathroom warehouse:

  • Ambulant Grab Rail
    This 90 degree grab rail can be installed for left and right hand applications for full support. Ideal for public amenities and washrooms, they are made from high-quality grade 204 stainless steel.
  • Accessible Pull Down Grab Rail
    Delivered with easy-to-install concealed fixings, our accessible pull down grab rails are AS1428 compliant and perfect to provide the needed stability and support.
  • Universal Sliding Shower Grab Rail
    Our high-quality shower rail is designed to make shower use as safe as possible. When installed securely to the showering area, the durable rail prevents slips and falls for long-term support.
  • Straight Concealed Grab Rail
    Britex concealed grab rails are available in a range of sizes for all commercial bathrooms and public amenities. As one of the top bathroom accessories, this design can be used in multiple areas of the bathroom.
  • Right Hand Side Grab Rails
    High quality grab rails for right hand installation, these are designed to be installed around seating areas so individuals can push and pull themselves up when sitting and standing.
  • Left Hand Side Grab Rails
    These are stainless steel grab bars for left hand fixtures. A staple fixture for bathrooms of all sizes that require greater accessibility.
  • Flush Mount Wrap Around Grab Rails
    The flush mount toilet grab rails come in 30 or 90 degree options, and left or right applications. They fit seamlessly around the surrounding walls of the toilet to assist with sitting and standing.
  • Flush Mount Rear Wall & Cistern Grab Rails
    This 30mm rail can be used for left or right hand mount. The system comes with a large grab rail that sits on one side of the toilet fixture for forearm support and a small hand-sized rail that sits on the other.
  • Flush Mount Side Wall & Cistern Grab Rails
    The side wall disabled toilet rails are available as 30 degree or 90 degree fixtures. The stainless steel material is easy to keep clean and highly durable.
  • Anti-Ligature Grab Rails
    Manufactured in custom and standard lengths, our anti-ligature grab rails prevent injury and self-harm. The heavy duty construction continues to provide support while keeping the bathroom a safe environment.

Where to Use Grab Rails

Grab rails are suitable for all areas of the bathroom including the shower and toilet areas, as well as for general support anywhere else in the room. As one of the most used bathroom accessories, grab bars can be installed in a range of locations including hotel rooms, public bathrooms, hospitals, schools and shower facilities at various angles and positions. 

Their main purpose is to provide support to steady individuals while using the bathroom, creating grip and balance. Facilities that are used by multiple people especially, such as hospital toilets or public washrooms, need to be suitable for everyone, including those with limited mobility or accessibility needs. 

Our vandal-resistant grab rails are manufactured from heavy gauge Grade 304 stainless steel, and some can be manufactured to custom lengths, shapes and specifications as required.

When to Consider Purchasing Grab Rails?

If your public or shared bathroom has not been modified to suit disabled users or those with restricted mobility, it is a good idea to consider grab rails. Installed around the toilet and shower area, the rails provide assistance in the bathroom and significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls. 

Whether you own a business such as a hotel or manage a hospital, you must take responsibility for the safety of your environment. Grab bars are a simple yet effective solution to make your bathroom safer and more accessible-friendly.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Grab Rails

When choosing grab rails, there are a few essential things to consider. First of all, think about where the grab bars are going as you need to choose the correct products for that application. For example, standard grab rails may be suitable for hotel rooms but in correctional facilities or hospitals anti-ligature designs could be better. You should also consider the size of the bathroom and which area of the room the rail is being placed. This will determine which type of rail is most suitable in size and design. 

Next, what kind of finish do you prefer? Stainless steel is a great option as it is durable and easy to keep clean which is essential in commercial and public settings. The finish should also fit in with the existing bathroom decor to create a seamless look. 

Lastly, consider how the grab rails are installed. Screw fixtures provide greater stability than alternative options such as suction cups that can easily slip down the wall. At Britex, our rails use multi-point fixings for efficient installation so you can make the most of your bars as soon as they arrive.

Britex Grab Rails

As the global leader in commercial stainless steel products and architectural fixtures, our grab rails are quality assured. All our products, including our accessible grab rails, have been meticulously researched, designed and manufactured to ensure they are perfect for our clients. 

With over 80 years of experience, we offer a broad range of grab bars including both standard and bespoke specifications to suit your environment. Made from durable stainless steel, our grab rail fixtures have been constructed for easy installation and safety wherever they are placed. 

For the best range of high quality and reliable grab rails and other stainless steel bathroom accessories, get in touch with Britex today.

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