A simple drinking fountain can yield surprising results with over 7000+ users in high traffic areas. Having a multitude of benefits such as being low maintenance, eco friendly and convenient, the addition of drinking fountains adds value to a private or public space. Highly suitable but not limited to public parks and amenities, gyms, schools, beaches and sporting facilities drinking fountains can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments with Britex offering a wide range of versatile options to suit your application. Here are some critical benefits of setting up a drinking fountain.

stainless steel drinking fountains

Eco Friendly and Economic

Having access to a drinking fountain is both beneficial to your well being, the environment and to your pocket. Reducing our reliance to bottled water will ensure less plastic waste polluting our environment as well as reducing the CO2 emissions resulting from its production and transportation. Not to mention the monetary savings users will gain from not purchasing bottled water.


When drinking fountains are situated at pivotal points in a private/public space, end users have the convenience of staying hydrated while engaging in activities such as running errands, physical activity such as exercise or sport, or simply walking through. Drinking fountains are low maintenance and are generally accessible 24/7 which make them convenient (and healthy) alternatives to any other drinks


wall mounted stainless steel drinking fountain

Whether installing inside or outside, there are a variety of options you can add to a drinking fountain to suit your end users needs. For example carbon filters for filtered water, refrigeration for chilled water, and an abundant array of bubbler and bottle filler choices. Bubblers with anti bacterial rubber mouth guards, for example are a good choice for junior schools while bottle fillers are a perfect option for gymnasiums. Drinking fountains can be installed recessed into a wall or as a freestanding pedestal, they can also be wall hung and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Pet bowls are also popular additions to public drinking fountains to keep your pet hydrated. For outdoor installations the Britex Stainless Steel Round Drinking Fountain is a heavy duty and anti vandal choice, to handle a demanding outdoor environment and withstand public wear and tear.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Drinking fountains are valuable to the community as a whole and in that sense it is important that it is accessible to all users. Under Australian Standards for Access Compliancy drinking fountains need to be at a certain height with enough knee/toe clearance under to suit wheelchair users. Position, visibility and ease of push button activation is also something to consider. For over 70 years Britex have fine tuned and adapted our design of drinking fountains to ensure ours meet standard. The Britex Disabled Pedestal Drinking Fountain has been adapted to suit both able bodied and accessible requirements available in single or twin bowl configuration. Our commonly specified Britex DADO drinking fountains also meet these requirements.

Why Britex?

In addition to providing a variety of off the shelf drinking fountains, Britex also specialise in custom made fountains to suit your needs and budget. While we only rely on the best materials to uphold our strict quality standards, you can rest assured that we also pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions for all our customers. To find out more, you can request a catalogue or get in touch with the team at Britex today to see what we can do for you.