Easy To Specify Stainless Steel Laboratory Sinks

Britex has endeavoured to make the task of specifying stainless steel laboratory sinks and laboratory bowls easy with its new catalogued range of custom made lab sinks - manufactured from grade 316 acid resistant stainless steel. Traditionally, stainless steel lab sinks have needed to be fully custom-specified from scratch, but with more than 70 years of experience in supplying laboratory sinks, Britex has come up with a range of standard lab sink design that can be semi-customised to suit each project's specific requirements.

Each laboratory sink in the range is supplied with a standard sized bowl (450L x 250W x 250D), space for integrated tap holes to suit specified tapware, a WaterMark certified grade 316 stainless steel acid resistant waste outlet and a corrugated, tapered drainer section for improved drainage and drying or lab equipment.

Variables of the lab sinks that make them customisable to any project include the position and number of integrated bowls and overall sink size.

Each Britex stainless steel laboratory sink provides a complete acid resistant fixture suitable for school science rooms, laboratories and research labs.