Customised Designer Kitchen Sinks

Britex specialise in manufacturing stainless steel kitchen sinks of the highest quality to the exact size, style and specifications of its clients. Frequently sought out by high profile architects and found in some of Australia's finest domestic properties, Britex stainless steel sinks are anything but ordinary and provide designers with free reign when it comes to selecting a unique, purpose-built stainless steel sink for modern kitchens.

With over 70 years experience manufacturing custom made stainless steel kitchen sinks, basins, benches and architectural products for designers of domestic and commercial projects, Britex have a reputation second to none for reliability, customer service and innovation in stainless steel fabrication.

With a team of highly skilled trades people and designers, Britex works closely with clients to ensure stainless steel sinks of a customised nature blend seamlessly into the surrounds of the kitchen and are incorporated in a complimentary way.

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