Stainless steel producers Britex, have recently upgraded the much needed public toilet adjacent to the Warrandyte Bridge. In collaboration with the multi-million-dollar upgrade to the Warrandyte Bridge, this public restroom now has vandal-resistant sanitary fixtures and accessories.

Britex Refurbishment of Warrandyte Bridge Public Toilet Block Britex Refurbishment of Warrandyte Bridge Public Toilet Block

BRITEX are incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to upgrade the much-needed public restrooms across from the Warrandyte Bridge. Along with the three-lane upgrade to the bridge and additional shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists, Britex has transformed the outdated bathrooms into a state of the art, clean restrooms with brand new features.

These new facilities come equipped with stainless steel fixtures that are highly durable and vandal resistant for cleanliness and comfortable use.

The upgrade including adding features all made from aluminium, including the toilet seat, hand basin, urinal pods and privacy panels for extreme convivence.

The new upgrades include features of:

Britex Centurion Pan (PCS-SVRC-B)

Britex Centurion Pan PCS-SVRC-B

Complete with a vandal-resistant seat, the Britex Stainless-Steel Centurion Toilet Pan is highly durable, easy to clean and offers optimal strength. Designed to meet the Australian Standard toilets, the pan has concealed fixtures and a unique blockage resistant trap to reduce clogging. With radius edges for added safety, the internal bowl comes with a unique trap design to properly hold water up to 4.5/3 litre capacity.

Britex Stainless Steel Pedestal Security Hand Basins (SPB)

Britex Stainless Steel Pedestal Security Hand Basins SP

The Britex Pedestal Security Hand Basin is made with stainless steel and is covered all the way to the ground for added safety. It is compact in size and has a slim, stylish design. Because of its concealed fixtures, the vandal-resistant basin will withstand tremendous forces and is easy to clean.

Britex Stainless Steel Regal Urinal Pods (UR)

Britex Stainless Steel Regal Urinal Pods UR

The Britex Regal Vandal-Resistant Urinal Pod has concealed inlets to reduce damage and breakage. Made with stainless steel for easy maintenance, it has an auto-flush feature equipped with a sensor fully concealed in the wall cavity above the urinal for easy use. Watermarked and WELS certified, the urinals meets plumbing regulations and government legislation, and its modern sanitary fixtures makes the restroom appear clean and stylish. 

Britex Stainless Steel Urinal Privacy Panels (UPP)

Britex Stainless Steel Urinal Privacy Panels UPP

To provide proper privacy for users, the Britex Urinal Privacy Panel is designed to be highly vandal resistant and heavy-duty. Made with stainless steel, it’s easy to maintain and has concealed fixtures and mounting brackets to reduce damage. The privacy panel is made with stainless steel for a stylish finish.

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