Britex Drink Safe Solutions

Lead is still used in the manufacture of some plumbing products in Australia, such as brass fittings. Although Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy has stated that the country’s drinking water is safe, it is still recommended that Australians do what they can to limit potential exposure to lead from all sources.

Lead is a toxic metal that can build-up in the brain, liver, kidney and bones, causing adverse effects on the human body. Young children are particularly vulnerable, as lead poisoning can affect their brain development.

It is possible for lead to dissolve into drinking water from the brass fittings, especially where water has been sitting stagnant and in contact with the brass for a long period of time. Water from hot water systems may also contain a higher amount of dissolved metals, including lead, due to the heating process.

With this becoming a growing concern in our schools and community, there is a rising demand for a safer quality of drinking water.


Britex’s ‘Drink Safe’ range includes several options in materials, mounting and activation styles, to provide the perfect lead safe drinking solution for any application and budget.

The main features of our Drink Safe range include:

  • 316 Stainless Steel Drink Safe
    Our Drink Safe stainless steel products are manufactured in premium 316 stainless steel, a material that has almost zero risk of lead contamination. 316 stainless steel also has higher corrosive resistant properties, which makes this range ideal for beach and coastal locations, or other harsh outdoor environments.
  • Chrome Plated Brass Drink Safe: We use high quality DZR solid brass with less than 0.25% lead content, meeting the requirement for lead safe drinking water in everyday applications. Note: As ‘lead free’ is not currently defined by law or plumbing codes in Australia, our definition of lead safe is based on the USA’s SDWA definition, which is not more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead.
  • Piezo Touch Activation
    The Electronic Piezo Activation Technology that is paired with some of our products encompasses a unique water ‘purge’ setting. This is the ideal solution to prevent the risk of lead contamination even after prolonged periods of stagnation, especially for schools and public drinking fountains.
  • WaterMark Certification
    Our Drink Safe range of plumbing products have been certified to WaterMark, ensuring that they are fit for purpose and authorised for use in plumbing installations.


Some of the products in the Britex Drink Safe range

316 Stainless Steel Drinking Bubblers and Bottle Fillers

 316 SS Drink Safe 90 Degree Push Button Bubbler

316 SS Drink Safe 90 Degree Push Button Bubbler (TW-DP90-SS)

Constructed with 316 stainless steel, this bubbler features a unique rubber mouthguard for added safety, and is highly resistant to bacteria and sunlight.

 316 SS Drink Safe Remote Push Button Bubbler

316 SS Drink Safe Remote Push Button Bubbler (TW-D15P-SS)

The TW-D15P-SS bubbler comes with an easy-to-use push button mechanism, which automatically springs closed when it is released, reducing water wastage and saving money.


Chrome Plated Brass Drinking Bubblers and Bottle Fillers

Drink Safe Remote Push Button Bubbler

Drink Safe Remote Push Button Bubbler (TW-D15P)

This hob mounted remote push button bubbler is constructed from EPDM material. The AS 4020 approved mouthguard is anti-bacterial, and UV stabilised against sun damage.

 Drink Safe Fixed Spout Bottle Filler

Drink Safe Fixed Spout Bottle Filler (TW-BF-HF-LS)

This hob mounted drink safe fixed spout gooseneck bottle filler comes with high quality chrome finish for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance, and also features an easy-to-use self-closing mechanism.


Piezo Activation

316 SS Drink Safe Remote Piezo Activated Bubbler

316 SS Drink Safe Remote Piezo Activated Bubbler (TW-D15E-SS)

The easy-to-use push button mechanism automatically springs closed when it is released, and the stainless steel grub screws secure the mouthguard to the body.


Complete Drink Safe Solutions in Australia

For complete lead safe drinking solutions, our drink safe bubblers and fillers can be paired with Britex stainless steel troughs and drinking fountains, such as the Drink Safe SS DADO Single Standard Drinking Fountain, Drink Safe SS DADO Single Accessible Drinking Fountain, and Drink Safe SS DADO Double Drinking Fountain.

To find out more about our Drink Safe range, or for customised safe drinking solutions, please contact the Britex team directly today.