Britex ‘Barren’ Stainless Steel Waterless Urinals

Designed to function without any water, Britex 'Barren' waterless urinals are a great way to conserve water. Providing further benefits to the environment, the Barren waterless urinal is manufactured from 100% recycled stainless steel.

Britex Barren stainless steel waterless urinals ensure maximum resistance to vandalism and ensure a long life span in public installations where replacing damaged products would otherwise be commonplace – therefore providing unparalleled value for money over an extended period.

Maintenance costs are also a thing of the past for this unique waterless urinal. Unlike other waterless urinals that require periodic maintenance and the replacement of cartridges or sealant fluids, the Barren waterless urinal utilises a 'one-way' mechanical valve. After urine has flowed through the valve, it closes up and traps all odour within the plumbing. The only maintenance Britex recommends is the daily squirt of fresh water or disinfectant over the urinal surface, just like any other bathroom sanitary fixture.

Britex Barren stainless steel waterless urinals are widely used in public toilets, shopping centres, night clubs, bars, sports facilities and schools.

Extensively tested and approved by Australian Standards for WaterMark™ as both a waterless urinal (Barren) and automated, self-cleaning urinal (Barren Auto-Clean), the Britex Barren range is the ultimate environmentally friendly, vandal resistant and stylish sanitary solution.