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Security Fixtures

Britex offers a select range of premium quality Security fixtures, Washroom Accessories and Bathroom Accessories ideally suited to a wide variety of commercial projects. Value for money, short lead times and resilience are all hallmarks of our products that perfectly complement our range of stainless steel plumbing fixtures that are frequently installed in public amenities, sports grounds, night clubs, offices, health facilities and education projects.

Britex offers a select range of premium quality products that are most suitable for security projects. Besides being durable and able to withstand deliberate acts of force, these fixtures are also vandal, tamper and suicide resistant. 

Most of these products are free of ligature points, and feature entirely welded constructions, fully enclosed plumbing connections, and low profile or timed flow tapware options. 

The security fixtures on this page are value for money and resilient, plus they complement the Britex range of stainless steel bathroom fixtures and accessories frequently used in prisons, police stations, detention centres and correction facilities. 

Our range of security fixtures include anti-ligature grab rails in various lengths, collapsible coat hooks, stainless steel mirrors, soap holders, and stainless steel shelving. 

The Britex Anti-Ligature Grab Rails are made from heavy gauge Grade 304 stainless steel, and come in five standard lengths from 300mm to 900mm. It can however be manufactured to custom lengths, shapes, and specifications as required. 

Available with either concealed fixing or visible fixing, the Security Collapsible Coat Hook features a hook with a pivot-ball base, which collapses when more than 12kg of weight is applied on it. 

Our Security Stainless Steel Mirror is smash resistant, and will not shatter or crack. It is bonded to MR substrate to keep the mirrored surface flat, and features anti-ligature fixtures and rear mounting points. Custom designs can be manufactured by request, and there is also an accessible compliant model available. 

To find out more about our security fixtures, please contact the Britex Bathroom warehouse team directly.

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