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Washroom Accessories

Britex commits to create products, whether big or small, that are innovative, reliable and of high quality. Our stainless steel washroom accessories are not only durable and vandal resistant, but also hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for a variety of applications and industries. From soap dispensers and automatic hand dryers to grab rails and baby change tables, browse our wide range of bathroom accessories below. 

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  1. White Powder Coat Curved Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer
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  2. Stainless Steel Curved Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer
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  3. Britex Air Jet Automatic Hand Dryer Stainless Steel Finish
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  4. Stainless Steel Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer
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  5. 'Tranquil'  Automatic White ABS Hand Dryer (Low Volume)
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Britex Hand Dryers

Durable and reliable, Britex hand dryers are perfectly suited for a wide range of commercial applications, including public amenities, health facilities, offices, restaurants, and schools. Our selection of premium quality hand dryers are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, and come in stylish, contemporary designs. 

Whether you are looking for faster drying time than standard hand dryers, environmentally friendly models, or contactless activation, you will be able to find a Britex hand dryer that suits your requirements.

  • Types

    Types of Hand Dryers

    Curved Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer

    Our Curved Slimline Automatic Hand Dryers come in two different options: white powder coat, and stainless steel. This hand dryer features a contemporary curved design and patented high-flow dual air outlets. The drying time is less than 15 seconds, and the unit can be hard-wired by an electrician, or used with the cord and plug that is provided.

    Air Jet Automatic Hand Dryer

    The Britex Air Jet Automatic Hand Dryer is manufactured from grade 304 satin finish stainless steel. Utilising an entirely touch free activation and drying hands in just 15 seconds, this model is environmentally friendly and hygienic. It also features a high speed, brushless motor to ensure longevity, making it ideal for places with high volume use. The Air Jet Automatic Hand Dryer also comes in white and black finishes.

    Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer

    The Stainless Steel Slimline Automatic Hand Dryer is an extremely compact and efficient option. Projecting only 100mm off the wall, this hand dryer is suitable for a variety of different settings especially small spaces. Other features include overload protection, a 60-second auto shut-off, and theft-resistant screws.

    'Tranquil' Automatic White ABS Hand Dryer ( Low Volume)

    If you need a high speed hand dryer that does not produce too much noise, the ‘Tranquil’ Automatic White ABS Hand Dryer is a solid pick. It is one of the quietest hand dryers on the market, running at a low sound volume level at only 55 decibels. The hand dryer also features a sensor or range auto infrared, protection of 60-second power cut off and auto reset, as well as a 3.0mm white high grade fire retardant ABS casing. 

  • Benefits

    Benefits of Having a Hand Dryer


    Hand dryers make it possible for people to dry off their hands quickly. This is crucial for areas that have high traffic, such as public restrooms or hospitals, so they don't get backed up. With Britex hand dryers, you can get your hands dried in 15 seconds and less, allowing you to return to your duties or activities without much delay. Hand dryers are also quick to fix, so if a problem arises it won't take long to get the hand dryer operational again.


    Britex hand dryers are made of grade 304 stainless steel, which not only makes them durable, but also sanitary and hygienic. These hand dryers are easy to clean and maintain, making it easier for you to keep your bathroom safe and spotless. Britex hand dryers are also automatic, which means users do not need to touch the machine at all to activate them. This prevents the risk of cross contamination, and is especially beneficial in high use areas.

    Cut Down on Long Run Costs

    While a hand dryer costs more upfront than paper towels, they are a great long-term investment. Having a hand dryer eliminates the need to consistently refill paper towels or trash bags. A roll of paper towel may not cost a lot, but in a location where there is high traffic, the cost of replacing paper towels will eventually add up. By investing in a sturdy and reliable commercial hand dryer, you will be able to save quite a lot in the long run.

  • Features

    What to Look for in Hand Dryers


    A major advantage of hand dryers is that they will dry hands very quickly. The more power that is in the hand dryer that you buy, the faster it will dry users' hands. A hand dryer with greater power will also be more efficient because the runtime will be lower. This will save on energy costs, making the hand dryer an even better investment.

    Noise Level

    Noise level is another factor you need to consider when choosing a hand dryer. If having a low noise level is important, make sure you check the sound volume of your hand dryer options before purchasing. Keep in mind, however, that hand dryers with lower noise levels may run with less power, and therefore have a longer drying time.


    You would not want to repair or replace your hand dryer frequently, so ensure that the hand dryer you are investing in is durable and will hold up over time. Go for commercial hand dryers that are made from high quality parts and materials, such as stainless steel or ABS plastics.


    Automatic hand dryers are the best in terms of hygiene, as it features a no-contact activation, allowing you to dry your hands without having to touch the unit. This is especially important if the hand dryer will be installed in an environment with multiple users or poses a risk of cross contamination, such as hospitals, schools or hotels.

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