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Pedestal Fountains

Britex Drinking Fountains are found all around Australia in Schools, Parks, Gyms, Offices, Universities and Public Spaces. Within our standard range of products are refrigerated and non-refrigerated models as well as drinking fountains compliant with requirements set out in AS1428 - suitable for disabled access. The robust constructions and quality tapware used in our Drinking Fountains ensures they are highly resistant to vandalism and will provide reliable service for many years in a public setting.
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Britex Drinking Fountains

Britex Stainless Steel Drinking Fountains are manufactured from heavy duty grade 304 stainless steel, built to withstand heavy use in public places.

Stylish, easy to maintain and vandal resistant, our drinking fountains are suitable for a range of applications, including public reserves, sporting clubs, security facilities, and schools.

With Drink Safe™ low lead bubblers, some models come with optional Drink Safe™ bottle fillers and are available in custom heights if required. There are wall mounted, wall recessed and pedestal configurations, as well as optional sizes to suit junior and senior application.

Britex also offers a range of accessible models that are compliant with AS1428.

For refrigerated options, Britex offers freestanding drinking fountains as well as other models that come with a separate remote chiller unit for installation within wall cavity.

Features of Drinking Fountains

Our drinking fountains are:

  • Durable and sturdy
  • WaterMark certified
  • Made from commercial grade 304 stainless steel
  • Drink Safe™ low lead 
  • Come with optional Drink Safe™ bottle fillers
  • Include refrigerated models or separate remote chiller units
  • Wall mounted, wall recessed and pedestal configurations

Britex drinking fountains are available in custom heights if required, as well as optional sizes to suit junior and senior applications. We also offer a range of accessible models that are compliant with AS1428, as well as pet bowls or fountains that can be added to keep the furry ones hydrated.

If you need something non-standard, our drinking fountains can be fabricated to specific configurations and dimensions to meet your requirements. Please contact our team directly to find out more.

The Benefits of Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains, also known as a water fountain or a bubbler, is basically a fountain designed to provide safe drinking water. They are often installed in high traffic areas, both private and public, such as public parks, sporting facilities, gyms, schools, and beaches.

The benefits of drinking fountains include:

a) Healthy and convenient

Having drinking fountains available in a private or public space allows people to have ready access to drinking water, helping to keep them hydrated, safe and happy. This is especially important in places where people engage in physical activities such as sport or exercise, like schools, gyms, or sporting clubs. As they are generally accessible for free and at any time, drinking fountains provide a convenient and healthy alternative to other types of drinks. 

b) Eco friendly and economic

Having access to a drinking fountain can also reduce reliance to bottled water, which in turn means less plastic waste in our environment. Without needing to purchase bottled water, users will also be able to save monetarily.

c) Versatile

Drinking fountains can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, with optional additions available to cater to the end user’s needs. From bubblers with anti-bacterial rubber mouth guards, to refrigeration units for chilled water, you can choose to customise your drinking fountain to suit your requirements. Drinking fountains can be installed as a freestanding pedestal, wall hung, or recessed into a wall, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and heights.

Types of Drinking Fountains

Wall Mounted Fountains

Our Dado Drinking Fountains come in several models – square or round, single or double fountains. The Dado drinking fountains come with an integral splashback, a front piezo activated timed flow Drink Safe™ low lead bubbler, waste outlet, mounting bracket and concealed access. Refrigerated models are supplied with a separate remote chiller unit that is installed within the wall cavity.

Vandal Resistant Fountain

For an anti-vandal wall mounted fountain that is fully shrouded with a concealed service panel, go for the Vandal Resistant Fountain (DVR). This is highly resistant to vandalism, and all plumbing connections are housed within the carcass of the fountain.

The Compact Wall Hung Drinking Fountain (DWHC) is an economy model that is compact and practical. It is supplied complete with a heavy duty push button Drink Safe™ low lead bubbler, and incorporates a raised landing area around the bubbler to reduce potential water run off.

Pedestal Fountains

Britex offers square and round drinking fountains that are secured to the ground below with a fixing plate inside the base.

Accessible Drinking Fountain

The Accessible Drinking Fountain (DDIS) is a robust model that is compliant with disability access code AS1428. Supplied with a piezo activated Drink Safe™ low lead bubbler, this unit is secured to the ground with a stainless steel fixing plate, and is fully welded with radiused corners.

For gyms, multi-purpose centres and health club operators, the Health Club Drinking Fountain (DFRE) is ideal. This drinking fountain includes both bubbler and bottle filler attachments as standard, and is secured to the rear wall with an offset bracket as well as to the ground below. Refrigerated model is available upon request.

The Britex range of accessible drinking fountains include round and square models, as well as single and double fountains. Models include wall hung and pedestal fountains.

All these fountains are compliant with disability access code AS1428, and are supplied with a piezo activated bubbler. These fountains are suitable for public reserves, sporting clubs, schools, and shopping centres.

Recessed Fountains

Britex recessed fountains include the Recessed Drinking Cubicle (DRDC), which is available in front and rear fixed configurations. This is a great space-saving, vandal resistant option for public spaces, as it will not protrude from the wall and obstruct walkways. Fully welded with rounded internal corners for easy cleaning, the drink fountain is supplied complete with a push button drink bubbler and optional bottle filler tap.

The In Wall Refrigerated Fountain (DIWR) provides instant chilled water. Space-saving and vandal resistant, this fountain comes with a push button drink bubbler, a separate bottle filler, and a lockable service panel. It is ideal for airports, schools, pavilions and sporting clubs.

Refrigerated Fountains

Britex also offers a range of refrigerated fountains to provide instant chilled water.

The Britex Chilled Freestanding Drinking Fountain (DFW) is available in two finishes – powder finish or stainless steel. Both come supplied complete with a Drink Safe™ low lead push button bubbler and glass filler, with an in-built refrigeration unit and an optional carbon filter.

The Foot Activated Twin Square Drinking Fountain Refrigerated (DSSR-H2), meanwhile, is a freestanding foot activated twin stainless steel square drinking fountain that comes with a Drink Safe™ low lead bubbler, glass filler, and removable access hatch. The optional glass filler is activated by a second foot pedal built into the fountain.

If you cannot find what you need, Britex drinking fountains can be fabricated to specific configurations and dimensions to meet your exact requirements and budget. Get in touch with our team directly to find out more.

WaterMark Certification

The WaterMark certification is the most important certification for stainless steel plumbing products in Australia. The criteria that must be met to obtain WaterMark certification is the most thorough and comprehensive standard stainless plumbing products can be measured against.

Most of Britex stainless steel drinking fountains are WaterMark certified, which means that they:

  • Are fit for purpose
  • Comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia
  • Are authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations
  • Meet the Australian Standards for Product Quality, including Health and Safety