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Stainless Steel for Security, Prisons & Correctional Center

These Britex products have been selected as the fixtures most suitable for security projects. Tamper resistant and, in many cases, free of ligature points, these models are durable and highly resistant to deliberate acts of force.

Common features of these designs include fully enclosed plumbing connections, entirely welded constructions and low profile or timed flow tapware options.

Among our popular products is our robust stainless steel prison combination toilet, the Britex Stainless Steel Security Combination Unit. With a fully welded stainless steel toilet pan and wash basin, this toilet sink combo is consistently selected by specifiers for prisons, holding cells and detention facilities.

We also have a wide range of vandal resistant stainless steel sinks, urinals, toilets, flushing systems, drinking fountains, hand basins, showers and baths, washroom accessories and tapware.

Britex specialises in the fabrication of custom stainless steel products for security, prison, detention centers and correction. Please contact our team to find out more.

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