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Custom Stainless Fabrication

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The use of high quality fixtures is critical to the success of any commercial project. With this in mind, Britex products are designed and manufactured to a standard that ensures specifiers can select our fixtures in the knowledge that they are choosing the finest stainless steel products available - fixtures that will contribute to an overall outcome of excellence.

Whilst Britex boasts well over 70 years of operational experience, the evolution of Britex is never ending as each business unit pursues excellence in its own right.

From implementing new industrial design software in our product development and documentation area, to adopting new packing procedures in the product dispatch department, every stage of the product realisation process is constantly reviewed to seek better outcomes for Britex customers.

In many respects, Britex design, quality and development endeavours are most evident in features incorporated into various Britex products - features that fabricators generally avoid trying to replicate due to the difficulties posed in executing them with the same precision Britex achieves, or due to the cost that is involved.

Radius edges in lieu of a chamfered edge, use of premium quality components and high water efficiency ratings are all examples of the way Britex demonstrates market leading product solutions.

It's our holistic approach to achieving excellence that makes Britex the ideal choice when specifying specialised stainless products. From our literature to our finished product, Britex focuses on quality outcomes that are expected by architects, engineers and interior designers.

Britex sales and technical staff are true specialists in stainless steel and offer a wealth of experience to specifiers in designing and selecting stainless fixtures that are best suited to each and every individual project.

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