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Ceramic Basins

Besides stainless steel basins, Britex also offers a select range of ceramic basins that are stylish and durable. These modern basins are ideal for any bathroom, and can integrate seamlessly with any interior style.

Britex is regarded as one of the world’s leaders in the design and fabrication of stainless steel products and commercial grade plumbing fixtures. Many of our product design innovations are now commonly found amongst stainless steel fixtures in the industry.

Types of Bathroom Basins

We offer a wide range of ceramic basins, each with its own unique design features and benefits. Our bathroom warehouse range includes:

Inset basins

Our ceramic inset basins are ideal for integrating into a bathroom worktop. These are an elegant design option for those looking to remove some of the more obvious lines in the bathroom space, and all our inset basins provide a sleek finish to bathroom countertops.

Undermount basins

Undermount basins, also known as under counter basins, makes for a space saving addition to any bathroom. Our ceramic undermount basins are modern, timeless and versatile, perfect for any commercial or domestic applications.

Wall hung or wall mounted basins

Wall hung or mounted basins are perfect for bathrooms that are short on space. They offer a compact and stylish option that doesn’t require loads of room, and so are perfect for en suites or half bathrooms. Also known as floating sinks, these basins are mounted against the wall, and come with either one or three tap holes.

Above counter basins

Above counter basins, or counter top basins, are designed to be set directly on your bench or counter top. These make a stylish addition to modern and sleek bathrooms, especially for those who are after a contemporary look.

Semi-recessed basins

Semi-recessed basins sit halfway between freestanding and undermount basins, designed to be partly recessed into your bench or counter top. These basins are a great choice for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms, and feature a wide tap platform for flat storage

Freestanding basins

Freestanding and pedestal basins are mounted to the bathroom floor. With the right design, freestanding basins can be used as a statement piece in the bathroom, bringing elegance and grandeur to the space.

Why Britex Ceramic Hand Basins

When designing a bathroom, it is easy to overlook the most important areas in favour of a cohesive overall look. Luckily, with Britex ceramic hand basins, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for style because we offer both!

All our ceramic hand basins are built to be high quality and durable while favouring modern designs and sleek appearance. They are the perfect choice for both residential and commercial settings, and are incredibly easy to integrate into any bathroom design.

Britex ceramic basins are sturdy, versatile and modern, featuring a timeless and stylish design. Our range covers different styles and designs, including freestanding, semi-recessed, wall hung and counter top basins.

We also have a selection of accessible ceramic hand basins, featuring accessible design that meets the AS1428 standards. These hand basins come with gently rounded corners and sloped fronts, which make them easy to use from any height. These basins are suitable for both wheelchair users as well as able bodied users.

Regardless of which style of ceramic basin you choose, you will find them incredibly easy to install and match with the bathroom’s decor. For more modern bathrooms, consider our semi-recessed or inset basins. To keep a more traditional feel, try our freestanding or inset basins.

Cleaning and Care Tips

The best way to keep your ceramic hand basin looking new for as long as possible is to clean and care for it well.

All our basins are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, but here are some tips to help you improve their lifespan.

  • Everyday cleaning can be done with a soft sponge or cloth. Use an all-purpose cleaner if necessary, but avoid abrasive sponges or cleaning products.
  • Use a mild bathroom cleaner for more intensive cleaning. There is no need to use aggressive cleaning products with chemicals that might damage the basin and also harm your health.
  • For stubborn stains, leave a small amount of limescale remover in the basin overnight, before rinsing it off.

While our ceramic basins are resistant to household acid or alkali products, ceramic can be damaged by excessive exposure to these substances.

As a result, we recommend wiping the basin daily with a damp cloth and addressing any soiling as soon as possible to avoid stains.


What basins are best for small bathrooms?

We recommend wall mounted ceramic basins for small bathrooms because they take up the least room and require no floor space.

How high should a basin be installed?

A hand basin should generally be installed around 3ft/1m from the floor, however this will need to be lower for wheelchair-accessible hand basins. For these we recommend 2ft/60cm floor clearance.

Can I use a wall mounted basin as a vanity basin?

Our wall mounted basins can have furniture fitted underneath to transform them into a vanity basin. However, we do carry a range of semi-recessed and above counter basins, which might be a better option. Please contact us directly if you need more information about our products, or for assistance to pick the one most suitable for your application.

How durable are ceramic sinks?

Our ceramic sinks are sturdy and strong, and are generally resistant to chipping, scratching and staining when used the right way. For this reason, ceramic sinks are ideal for everyday use, and should last a long time even when used repeatedly.