The ever-growing, ever-improving Britex ArchiCAD GDL object library has recently undergone another revamp with the addition of 20 Commercial Tapware objects. These 20 taps have been specifically selected from our broader range of commercial tapware to complement our existing GDL objects for Hand BasinsDrinking/Wash TroughsDrinking Fountains and Commercial Sinks. Within the Commercial Tapware range, taps have been classified under several more defined categories being: Timed Flow Operation (auto shut-off), Mixer Taps, Sensor Taps, Sink Sets, Drinking Bubblers and Security (Low Profile/Anti-Ligature) Tapware for maximum resilience applications.

To provide maximum efficiency and functionality when using these objects within the Britex ArchiCAD object library interface, each Tap has been assigned a selected range of corresponding basins, troughs and sinks within the library based on suitability and application. This ensures that when the user is looking to specify a tap for a particular basin (for example), there are limitations in place that prevent the user selecting a tap that isn’t suited to the profile/format of the basin layout. For example, if the user is selecting a tap for a basin that requires taps to be basin/hob mounted, taps that are wall mounted will not appear in the suggested tapware options. Likewise, if a basin has space only for a single tap hole in the tap landing, tapware ‘sets’ that require 2 or 3 tap holes cannot be selected from within the basin object. Should the user seek to specify Taps from the library independent of corresponding Britex fixtures, this is easily done as each Tapware object possesses its own unique serial number and parameters that will appear when scheduling for easy identification.

Additional Key Points:
  • Precise Geometry (GDL Native): provides an accurate perspective of how each tap appears relative to the fixture when installe
  • Easy to use Interface: Categorised object libraries with thumbnail images and descriptions for quick, easy and informed selection/documentation
  • Parameters for Listing: Standard ArchiCAD parameters populated with data to assist true collaborative BIM workflow
  • Intuitive Product Coding: Custom product codes produced in parameters for listing when pairing Britex taps with Britex fixtures. E.g. HBGU (basin) + TW-9101 (Tap) = HBGU-TW-9101
  • Built-In Resolution Controls: Manually increase and decrease polygon count as required for each object in the library
  • Open Scripting: Parameter list and GDL scripts left open for modification to suit your specific standard.

The Britex ArchiCAD GDL object library has been developed in conjunction with Kristian Bursell (RubySketch/CAD Swift) and now incorporates over 250 individual objects for Britex products, ideally suited to commercial projects such as education, stadia, hospitality, health, corrections and civic amenities.