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Access: Toilet Seat

Luminance Contrast

A guide to specifying Britex Toilet Seats for accessibility

What is Luminance Contrast?

The Luminace Contrast refers to the degree of light absorbed/reflected of different colours. To comply with AS1428 a minimum 30% luminance contrast is required between the toilet seat and the toilet.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

To calculate the Luminance Contrast a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of colours is to be determined. With the understanding that absolute Black will have 0% reflection and absolute White will have 100% reflection we are able to determine the LRV of most commercial colours. Realistically LRV’s of everyday materials will fall between 5%-95%.

The values calculated below are averages based on other sources of independant testing of similar colours/materials. These are to be used as a guide only. Calculations were determined using Access Architect’s The Luminance Contrast Calculator:

Britex SS

Satin Finish

LRV Value: 58%

When Seat is Paired with a Britex
SS Access or Ambulant Pan:

Britex Black

Vandal Resistant Toilet Seat

LRV Value: 7%

Luminance Contrast: 70.83%

Recommended for Access Use

Britex Navy

Vandal Resistant Toilet Seat

LRV Value: 15%

Luminance Contrast: 54.85%

Recommended for Access Use

Britex White

Vandal Resistant Toilet Seat

LRV Value: 85%

Luminance Contrast: 20.09%

Recommended for Standard Use Only

* Please note all values presented are approximates. The Luminance Colour Contrast Calculator used is to be design tool and should not replace independent testing from a third party to determine the luminance contrast of building materials. Sources used: