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Britex Tapware

Britex is proud to offer an industry-leading line of tapware products for all commercial and residential plumbing needs. From basins to kitchens, Britex’s line of premium quality tapware offers the long-lasting durability that you come to expect from Britex products, ensuring that any project is finished right the first time. Featuring innovative water-saving features, Britex tapware will not only help you conserve valuable natural resources but will also help keep your utility costs low. 

See the full catalog of Britex products online, and discover how Britex tapware can help you complete any job with ease in the brief listings below:

Basin and Hand Washing Tapware

For all of your handwashing and basin needs, Britex offers several quality options for a variety of basin styles and stations. Featuring a stainless steel finish, Britex basins and handwashing tapware are built to last with vandal-resistance and water efficiency - perfect for public spaces, restaurants, retail shopping, and educational facilities.

Kitchen Taps

For commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes, Britex offers a line of premium quality pre-rinse sprays that allow for flexibility and reach. Britex commercial kitchen tapware is built to work in conjunction with Britex sinks and cleanup areas and offer the same vandal-resistance and increased water efficiency expected with Britex products.

Laboratory Tap Sets and Tapware

Uniquely manufactured for use in laboratory settings, Britex laboratory tapware is built for high-traffic spaces while taking up minimal space. Britex laboratory tapware - featuring an expanded line of customized versions - feature quality jumper valves, fixed outlets with aerator nozzles, and are certified in accordance with NSW school specifications. 

Wall Mounted Sensor Taps

A unique feature of Britex’s tapware line is the sensor tap line - providing ease of use and water efficiency in a variety of locations and use cases. The Britex wall-mounted sensor tapware allows for the sensors to be positioned in various locations to provide optimal convenience and customization. Built with the signature Britex durability and manufacturing, Britex sensor taps are a great option for use in public wash stations.

Shower Mixers and Sets

For use in a variety of public and private shower and washing spaces, Britex shower mixers and sets offer a durable and vandalism-resistant option. Featuring adjustable shower heads, flexible connectors, and valves with time-release features, Britex shower mixers and sets can provide a safe and efficient option for schools, shelters, prisons, and other public use spaces.

Push Button Bubblers

Britex push-button bubblers are built to last with high-efficiency features that ensure a clean, smooth, and efficient water flow every time. Built with stainless steel materials and guaranteed to prevent vandalism, Britex push-button bubblers are perfect for use in conjunction with Britex drinking fountains or troughs.

Wall Mounted Taps

Britex offers a line of wall-mounted tapware for sinks, handwashing basins, and shower sets. The Britex line of wall-mounted taps offers customization for unique spaces, made with commercial quality materials that are highly vandal-resistant with a heavy-duty CP finish and are both WELS and WaterMark certified. These wall-mounted tapware are ideally suited to commercial project applications such as schools, public amenities, and factories.

Drinking Tapware

One of the most vital uses for commercial tapware, drinking tapware is an essential part of any public facility. Britex offers a complete line of drinking tapware that offers long-lasting durability with stainless steel finishes. The taps are built to offer vandal-resistance, and water efficiency, making these taps perfect for a variety of high-traffic public spaces and facilities.

Sink Sets

Sink sets offered by Britex are built to complement specific Britex stainless steel troughs, sinks and basins. Featuring high-efficiency water features and made to be long-lasting and vandalism-resistant, all Britex sink sets are built to be WELS and WaterMark certified. With their capabilities and durability, Britex sink sets are a perfect addition to any school, shelter, restaurant, retail space, and more high-traffic public spaces.

Lead Safe Tapware

Britex Lead Safe tapware and bottle fillers are manufactured using high quality DZR solid brass with less than 0.25% lead content. They come with high quality chrome finish for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance, and also features an easy-to-use self-closing mechanism.

Medical Tapware

The medical tapware offered by Britex is manufactured to the highest industry standards, and designed to minimise the risk of infection and germ contamination. This range of Australian-made medical tapware complements Britex basins and troughs typically used in healthcare projects and medical facilities.

Mixer Taps

Britex offers hob mounted mixer taps with a heavy duty CP finish, that complement specific stainless steel basins, sinks and troughs with the Britex range. These are both WELS and WaterMark certified,and are particularly suited to public amenities and education projects.

Security tapware

Our security tapware is specifically designed for use in correctional facilities such as prisons and police stations, as well as environments prone to vandalism and potential self-harm. Manufactured from DR brass and heavy duty in construction, these taps can withstand high degrees of wear and tear.

Commercial Tapware

Britex offers a complete line of general commercial tapware, with products ranging from medical tapware, security tapware, and commercial tapware. The Britex commercial tapware line is built with stainless steel materials and provides maximum water efficiency with a long-lasting, durable construction, making them perfect for various heavy-use scenarios.

Laundry and Cleaners Tapware

If you are looking for tapware products built for providing efficient water production in laundry and cleaning facilities, consider Britex’s line of tapware built for specific industries that utilize large quantities of water. Built to last with reliable durability, Britex tapware is compatible with a variety of Britex products.

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