The construction of the new and improved Ador Ave Reserve Amenities included a number of Britex Stainless Steel fittings and fixtures. These products include:

•Multiple Britex S.S. Centurion Toilet Suites (PTS) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seats (SVRC-B)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Accessible Toilet Pan (PCD) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (SVRC-B)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Ambulant Toilet Pan (PCAM) supplied with Black Vandal Resistant Closed Front Toilet Seat (SVRC-B)
•Britex S.S. Centurion Child Pan supplied with Navy Child Toilet Seat (PCC)
•Multiple Britex S.S. In Wall Cisterns with Raised Accessible Buttons (FIW-D63)
•Britex S.S. Adjustable Backrest with Combination Rear Rail and LHS Rail with 90 Degree Extension (BTX-BRC-L90-VR)
•Britex S.S. Accessible Hand Basin (HBDA)
•Multiple Britex Deluxe Timed Flow Push Button Pillar Taps (TW-9201)
•Britex Timed Flow Pillar Lever Tap (TW-9108)
•Britex S.S. Security Mirror 1000mm x 450mm (SMIR)
•Multiple Britex S.S. 90 Degree Ambulant Grab Rails (BTR-01-058)
•Multiple Britex S.S. 300mm Shelves (BTX-10-010)

The construction of the new amenities building at Ador Reserve in Sydney’s southern suburb of Rockdale, included six unisex public toilets including one ambulant toilet, an accessible toilet with baby change facilities, service corridor, referee’s room with shower and toilet, meeting room, canteen, medical room with toilet, two change rooms with toilets and showers, two storage rooms, a concrete hand wash trough, bubblers and two utility room. This also involved the demolition and removal of the existing amenities building. In 2018 Ador Reserve, located 13 kilometres south of the Sydney CBD, underwent extensive upgrades to incorporate a synthetic soccer pitch, fencing, seating and a raised viewing area. Now utilised throughout winter by the St George Football Association’s 9500 players, Ador Reserve will see high volume use of the new Amenities Building.

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