Quality and Certifications


Britex does not to seek to obtain an easy, quick or inexpensive result. Our steadfast focus is on achieving the best result possible in all facets of our business. In doing so, Britex incorporates product features, manufacturing procedures, certifications and client services many suppliers avoid due to
the various challenges and associated costs.

Quality is the personal responsibility of every Britex employee. The quality of our business is demonstrated in our finished products, our supply processes, our manufacturing techniques and in the way we communicate and develop relationships with our clients and business partners. At Britex, we go the extra mile to repay the faith our clients have in us, by continuously providing the industry’s best products and services.

quality logoQUALITY ISO
Britex continues to hold the Quality Management Systems ISO9001 accreditation and undertakes internal quality audits in excess of the minimum requirements set out by the standard in pursuit of World’s Best Practice procedures and a quality output second to none
From an overall quality assurance perspective, WaterMark is the most important certification for stainless steel plumbing products. The criteria that must be met to obtain WaterMark certification is without question the most thorough and comprehensive standard stainless plumbing products can be measured against, and provides specifiers with the greatest assurance of product quality, compliance with Australian Standards and compatibility with other plumbing fixtures
Required by Government Legislation for a wide range of plumbing products including urinals, toilets, flushing devices and tapware, WELS provides specifiers with a great insight into the water usage of plumbing fixtures. Britex is a market leader in achieving industry best water efficiency ratings, the culmination of our continuous R&D programs and commitment to environmental sustainability.
Britex has a wide range of products that meet the strict design requirements set out in AS1428 – Design for Access and Mobility. Whilst imported products may be marketed in Australia as ‘barrier-free’ or ‘DDA compliant’, these products often don’t meet Australian standards set out in AS1428. Britex products are manufactured according to Australian disability standards and can be specified with confidence.
quality and certifications