Britex Care

Ready for Adaptability - Future Proof your Bathroom

The Britex Care range of hygienic product solutions provide accessibility and independence to all bathroom amenities whether health, public, commercial or residential, to support the safety and well-being of people facing a loss or decline in independence.

For Our Users - Comfort, Aesthetics & Safety
Designed in Europe and Australia, the Britex Care Range is modern and user- centric for ease of use to provide the best possible comfort and support for accessible needs. All our products are performance tested and the finest of details are considered in our designs such as rounded sides, ensuring no sharp edges to prevent the risk of cuts. Our tamper proof durable stainless steel designs further promote the feeling of safety and well-being when using our products.

For our Maintenance Managers - Low Maintenance, Hygienic Design & Material
Our Britex Care product solutions are manufactured and designed to help our maintenance managers meet the highest standards of hygiene in sanitary spaces. To assist with maximising hygiene and ease of cleaning of our products, our vitreous china solutions are fully glazed including in the rims and traps. While our stainless steel designs utilise the principle of minimal assembly whereby we limit seams and joints minimising dirt and bacteria deposit. Furthermore, our high quality uniform stainless steel finishes and surfaces not only create our aesthetic difference but also functionally contribute to ease of cleaning maintenance of both our products and the environments where they are used.

For Our Owners - Tamperproof Designs, Built-to-Last
Since our beginnings in 1938, Britex has steadfastly committed to our philosophy of continuous improvement in our business and our product solutions, with a sharp focus on deep understanding of our client needs and their ever-changing environments. Our Britex Care range of product solutions meet user needs, are low maintenance and are long wearing, with minimised need for replacements or parts. It is our combined world-class stainless steel fabrication systems and our specialised tamper proof designs, that differentiate us from the rest. Our resulting product solutions remain performance ready, with minimal effects from any voluntary or involuntary tampering, to support the safety and wellbeing of our users, whilst delivering maximum savings and reliability to our owners.

For Our Environment: Minimal Waste, 100% Recyclable
We take great care to minimise the impact of our stainless steel fabrication on our environment. Our fabrication consistently incorporate 65-80% recycled material and once the long service life of our products are complete, our stainless steel products are 100% recyclable.

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