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Revit Families For Stainless Steel Benches, Sinks And Shelves, Media Releases - Britex Metal Products

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Revit Families For Stainless Steel Benches, Sinks And Shelves

Revit Families For Stainless Steel Benches, Sinks And

Revit families for the 'BenchTech’ range of modular stainless steel sinks, benches and shelves are now available for download from the Britex website. To download Revit families for the complete range, please visit the BenchTech page.

Revit families have been created for both standard and custom fixtures that allows users to specify specific lengths where standard sizes aren’t suitable. By specifying a combination of standard and custom fixtures within a project, specifiers are able to achieve a project solution that is as cost-effective as possible, whilst also utilising all available floor space.

All Revit content for Britex products has been developed to ANZRS guidelines and is optimised for use in project models. Key features of the BenchTech Revit family library include:

  • Developed to ANZRS guidelines
  • All native Revit geometry
  • Lightweight families (Av. 650KB)
  • Detail level settings applied (C, M, F)
  • Independent 2D and 3D geometry
  • OmniClass classifications set
  • Generated in Revit 2012
  • Connector elements applied to sinks
  • Metric dimensions
  • Reference planes set
  • Clash detection ready
  • Deep hyperlinks for additional product data

Britex products are available Australia-wide and internationally. Please contact Britex to confirm supply and distribution arrangements in regions outside Australia.

Britex BIM content can be downloaded individually from the 'Downloads' box on respective product pages on the Britex website or supplied in full on a USB. To obtain the USB, please submit the form on the 'Request Literature' page.