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  • *NEW* Our popular BenchTech Range has been given a facelift.

    We've listened to your feedback and streamlined a high quality modular system that is perfect for full kitchen fit outs or integrated with custom made Britex benches and shelves for a more cost effective solution.

  • Toilet Washroom Fitout for Geelong Library and Heritage Centre

    We are so proud to display our complete toilet fit outs in the brand new Geelong Library and Heritage Centre with products including our disabled compliant and ambulant toilet pans and hand basins as well as our complete range of washroom accessories. Itself an architectural feat with critically acclaimed interior; the contemporary community hub is a stunning addition to Geelong's cultural landscape.

  • NEW Britex Ceramic Range

    If you are looking to refurbish your outdated washroom, there are several factors to take into consideration. Whether your facilities are for staff use only, or they are public/customer-facing, a sub-par bathroom makes for an unpleasant experience that can leave a negative impression.

  • What does your BIM content say about you?

    Manufacturers around the world are making BIM content available for their products to meet increasing demand from their AEC clients. But do manufacturers really know what impact their BIM content is having on their brand and reputation?

  • BIM Communities: Where are all the Manufacturers?

    Whilst at last week’s RTC Australasia event in Melbourne, I wondered to myself on many occasions, why aren’t there more building product manufacturers here? The benefit gained from attending an event like this was, for me at least, immense. But it’s not just at RTC that manufacturers have little representation when it comes to BIM. You only have to scan the room at the various ‘BIM groups’ that exist both online and in person to see that manufacturers are by all definitions underrepresented. Sure, they’re not entirely absent, but their contribution is quite minimal. I know that’s the case here in Australia anyway. I’ve seen it firsthand. Do Manufacturers Have a Place in the BIM Community? Talk of ‘BIM Community’ goes hand in hand with architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, owners, quantity surveyors and facility managers, but rarely are manufacturers spoken of in the same breath. Manufacturers are part of the BIM community aren’t they? Aren’t they an important part of the ‘process’ that we keep hearing about that BIM encompasses? Don’t manufacturers stand to see significant benefit by learning about BIM and how it affects their business strategy decisions? Aren’t they investing substantial sums of money to create ‘BIM Content’ that designers are requesting with increasing fervour? Aren’t they contributing a lot of the data that is used to generate a BIM project? Assuming I’m correct in saying that all of these aforementioned questions should be answered in the affirmative (and it’s just my humble opinion) why aren’t manufacturers engaged...

  • Why BIM Content Creation is a ‘Team Sport’

    Having project managed the creation of over 1,000 individual BIM models for Britex products, I am convinced that to achieve the best possible outcome, it must be a team effort. This post explains my thoughts on why input from manufacturers is critical to the BIM content creation process. First things first. Let's accept that manufacturer-specific BIM content has an important part to play in contributing to BIM workflows and at some point in time it needs to be incorporated into the project model. Let's save the 'generic vs manufacturer-specific' discussion for another day... and another Blog post. Assembling The Ideal Creation Team Whilst there might be the odd exception for extremely basic elements, I firmly believe that there needs to be input into the creation methodology from both a content creator and the manufacturer**. This is particularly the case for any product that incorporates some degree of parametric functionality within the model.  Here’s how I see it (in general terms): The technical skills of the creator and their understanding of what content users require is essential to the quality and usability of the model(s). That’s obvious. But what I think is underestimated is it the importance of having an intimate understanding of the manufacturer's product. An understanding that is in most cases, only possessed by the manufacturer. Why The 'Extra' Input from the Manufacturer Is So Important Supplying a content creator with a product data sheet and a 2D/3D CAD detail that provides accurate geometry is one thing, but for many...

  • BIM Content With Too Much Detail - It’s All Your Fault

      OK, so it’s not all your fault personally, but you’re probably contributing to the problem unknowingly. All too often I hear Revit users / ArchiCAD users / BIM Managers lamenting that manufacturer's BIM content is “far too detailed”. Of all the mistakes that manufacturers make when creating BIM content, over detailing the geometry is the one I hear about the most. I’m happy to put my hand up here and say we made this same mistake early on in our BIM content creation journey. We even went as far as to model the thread on waste outlets (refer image above). Ridiculous. So why do manufacturers continually make this mistake? CAUSES THAT ARE NOT YOUR FAULT The general school of thought is that manufacturers want their BIM content models to look as ‘real’ as possible. A sense of pride if you will. Most manufacturers invest a great deal of time and resources into the aesthetic aspects of their products to make them appealing to specifiers. So it stands to reason that the last thing a manufacturer would want removed from their BIM models are the intricate, aesthetic details that differentiate their products from all the others. “My product doesn’t look like that! This BIM model looks terrible! What sort of content creator are you?”. There’s also the fact that some manufacturers will use the same geometry to create their BIM content that they use to model or manufacture them. Using AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor, 3DS Max (etc) geometry, even if it’s...

  • Isn't everything made in China?

    First, let me explain the reason for this post and the purpose of posting so many pictures below. In the past couple of months I have been asked on several occasions, “which country do you buy your stainless steel products from?” and “you don’t actually make your products do you?” and even "we heard you buy all your products from China. It that true?". To be honest, I’ve been quite taken aback when asked these questions.  It’s clear many people, not the least our own clients, have absolutely no concept of where our products come from, or more importantly, know anything about the people who are creating them; so I thought I would clear a few things up. The Facts About Britex Just 20 metres from where I sit in the Britex, Melbourne office, there is an adjoining factory filled with a large team of manufacturing staff who are all 100% employed by Britex. The majority of this team are stainless steel sheet metal workers. They are cutting, bending, welding, grinding and polishing stainless steel products. All day, every day. They are joined by our auxiliary fabrication staff who are designing, programming, assembling, plumbing, bonding and packing these products. Britex is a family-owned and operated business with a 75 year history of manufacturing stainless steel products and we are unequivocally committed to maintaining a strong Australian manufacturing presence. So does Britex make everything it sells? No we don’t. Aside from being physically impossible for us to do so, as we don’t have all...

  • Britex ArchiCAD GDL Object Library Update - Commercial Tapware Added

    The ever-growing, ever-improving Britex ArchiCAD GDL object library has recently undergone another revamp with the addition of 20 Commercial Tapware objects. These 20 taps have been specifically selected from our broader range of commercial tapware to complement our existing GDL objects for Hand Basins, Drinking/Wash Troughs, Drinking Fountains and Commercial Sinks. Within the Commercial Tapware range, taps have been classified under several more defined categories being: Timed Flow Operation (auto shut-off), Mixer Taps, Sensor Taps, Sink Sets, Drinking Bubblers and Security (Low Profile/Anti-Ligature) Tapware for maximum resilience applications. Britex ArchiCAD GDL Objects - Tapware and Basins To provide maximum efficiency and functionality when using these objects within the Britex ArchiCAD object library interface, each Tap has been assigned a selected range of corresponding basins, troughs and sinks within the library based on suitability and application. This ensures that when the user is looking to specify a tap for a particular basin (for example), there are limitations in place that prevent the user selecting a tap that isn’t suited to the profile/format of the basin layout. For example, if the user is selecting a tap for a basin that requires taps to be basin/hob mounted, taps that are wall mounted will not appear in the suggested tapware options. Likewise, if a basin has space only for a single tap hole in the tap landing, tapware ‘sets’ that require 2 or 3 tap holes cannot be selected from within the basin object. Should the user seek to specify Taps from the library...

  • Britex Commercial Washroom Accessories - Revit Families with METRIC Dimensions!

    Looking for Revit families with METRIC dimensions for Commercial Washroom Accessories? Britex has recently uploaded Revit families for more than 100 Britex Commercial Washroom Accessories to the Britex website. The 45 individual Revit families in this section include an extensive range of high quality products from the following categories: Revit Families for Hand Dryers Revit Families for Grab Rails (and Toilet Backrests) Revit Families for Toilet Paper Dispensers Revit Families for Soap Dispensers Revit Families for Combination Units (Towel / Waste / Dryer) Revit Families for Mirrors Revit Families for Paper Towel Dispensers Revit Families for Baby Change Stations Revit Families for Coat Hooks Revit Families for Shelves Revit Families for Security Fixtures Britex is entirely committed to producing high quality Revit content that is created according to ANZRS guidelines and provides efficiency to BIM workflows in a project environment. During the content development stage of all Britex Revit creation projects, Britex requests peer reviews and feedback from experienced Revit users to ensure the content we are producing integrates easily into practice libraries and performs well in a project model. A small section of the Revit 'Test Project' created to batch-test family functionality for Washroom Accessories in a project environment. Key Aspects of the Britex Commercial Washroom Accessories Library: Revit content for Australian products available Australia-wide (and Internationally) All dimensions provided in metric format Developed according to ANZRS guidelines URL's to individual product pages on Britex website for all products Native Revit content. No 'imported' data. Reference planes set and notated Detail level settings applied for all families (coarse, medium...

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