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  • The Benefits of Drinking Fountains

    A simple drinking fountain can yield surprising results with over 7000+ users in high traffic areas. Having a multitude of benefits such as being low maintenance, eco friendly and convenient, the addition of drinking fountains adds value to a private or public space. Highly suitable but not limited to public...


    Keeping stainless steel intact is simple and will keep your space looking and feeling clean and fresh. If damaged, it can discolor so keeping on top of cleaning should be a top priority in your facility.

  • Benefits Of The Wall Mounted Basin

    The Hand Basin is an underrated part of any washroom and can be easily considered both in the design and setup of your bathroom or its refurbishment. With a wide variety of hand basin options in bold stainless steel or softer ceramic finish, Britex will have a design to fit your style.

  • *NEW* Our popular BenchTech Range has been given a facelift.

    We've listened to your feedback and streamlined a high quality modular system that is perfect for full kitchen fit outs or integrated with custom made Britex benches and shelves for a more cost effective solution.

  • Toilet Washroom Fitout for Geelong Library and Heritage Centre

    We are so proud to display our complete toilet fit outs in the brand new Geelong Library and Heritage Centre with products including our disabled compliant and ambulant toilet pans and hand basins as well as our complete range of washroom accessories. Itself an architectural feat with critically acclaimed interior; the contemporary community hub is a stunning addition to Geelong's cultural landscape.

  • NEW Britex Ceramic Range

    If you are looking to refurbish your outdated washroom, there are several factors to take into consideration. Whether your facilities are for staff use only, or they are public/customer-facing, a sub-par bathroom makes for an unpleasant experience that can leave a negative impression.

  • What does your BIM content say about you?

    Manufacturers around the world are making BIM content available for their products to meet increasing demand from their AEC clients. But do manufacturers really know what impact their BIM content is having on their brand and reputation?

  • BIM Communities: Where are all the Manufacturers?

    Whilst at last week’s RTC Australasia event in Melbourne, I wondered to myself on many occasions, why aren’t there more building product manufacturers here? The benefit gained from attending an event like this was, for me at least, immense. But it’s not just at RTC that manufacturers have little representation...

  • Why BIM Content Creation is a ‘Team Sport’

    Having project managed the creation of over 1,000 individual BIM models for Britex products, I am convinced that to achieve the best possible outcome, it must be a team effort. This post explains my thoughts on why input from manufacturers is critical to the BIM content creation process. First things...

  • BIM Content With Too Much Detail - It’s All Your Fault

    OK, so it’s not all your fault personally, but you’re probably contributing to the problem unknowingly. All too often I hear Revit users / ArchiCAD users / BIM Managers lamenting that manufacturer's BIM content is “far too detailed”. Of all the mistakes that manufacturers make when creating BIM content, over...

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